Thursday, January 31, 2013

Done For Now

I had a major bout of the 'clean the house' illness yesterday morning. It's a condition related to stress and since I was stressed I needed to clean and do laundry and dishes and vacuum. All this until I got a slightly stress relieving call just before lunch. Then I calmed and I tatted.

First up is day 7 of the TIAS. Jane certainly has a way with tatted structures. We're clearly, slowly, building something I would have never thought to build and in a way I probably would never have thought to do so. She loves split things and mock things and it has been a pleasure to work outside my norm a bit.

Then I got back to the art project. The next row went above just the two sides and again there were a bunch of small changes made so that it didn't change the basic shape of the piece. I was afraid some of the joins would pull the piece out of alignment, but I needn't have worried. It stayed just as I wanted it to.

Next up was the very last addition to the piece. This was the part I really liked as I added it to the smaller bits of prototype, the scallop edge. I've been playing with this design element in my other pieces for a while now and they add something frilly back to the lace that I often take away by decreasing the amount of decorative picots. It's tricky business though as they need to be just the right size and distribution to pull the lace into a small frill at the edge without disrupting the overall shape. I still need most of the width of the piece to lay flat.

I've got the whole prototype done and pressed now and so I'll take a break to share it with the artist and make sure we're on the same page before proceeding with the final pieces in white. I do have a nasty habit of getting ahead of myself and even though I think the design is pretty perfect, I certainly don't want to assume anything.

Since I have no orders to fill and the project is at a stopping point, I have no idea what I'll get up to today. Here's to something wonderful surprising me with something exciting or at least interesting to do.

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