Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Goes Up

I'm afraid yesterday was fairly uneventful, unless you count bad news from family that will likely impact us in some way very soon, then it was a hoot. And by hoot, what I really mean to say is it was full of potential to be very, very...we'll go with inconvenient. Though to be fair, it's not technically our bad news and the person it belongs will likely be much worse off and I'm just imagining scenarios right now anyway. There's still a chance everything could work out and I'm worrying for nothing. No, I'm, not going to go into it, I just wanted you to be aware that there's extra stressors around here in case I get snippy.

Both kids woke in much better spirits yesterday and continued to get better throughout the day. We still did a shorter school session than usual so they could get as much rest as possible. That put me on the couch tatting pretty much the whole day working on a few larger pieces that needed remaking. Well, you know, between the servant work for the sick kids anyway. Some pieces I can ignore and put on the list, others are signature pieces and I feel like they need to be in the shop at all times and there were two of those in a recent order. I got one knocked out, but the second is still in progress.

Today I have a custom ring to tat up as well as finish that other piece I was working on yesterday. If the children rise in good spirits then we have an outing to go bowling this afternoon and they have Friday off for the end of the semester. I think it's time to ask the Universe for some good to be sent out to undo some stress causing events and just move everything forward in the best possible ways. The Universe knows what I'm talking about, so here's to a good day.

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Unknown said...

I hope everything turns out alright. It's great to hear your kids are feeling better =D