Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Nope, not better yet. Though it seems as I adjust to consciousness this morning that the illness may be adjusting its strategy a bit. It appears to be moving into the chest this morning. While my nose is pleased with the prospect, I'm not sure it will make for a better day at all. Oh well, the best way out is through and it can't last too much longer, right?

I did again spend the day snuggled under blankets and cats with the continuing Twilight Zone marathon on the television. The rest of the family came and went and it was kind of fun to see the children react to some of the more referenced episodes. Mostly I tatted though. I got a couple of small pieces done and then started work on remaking a lace maille necklace.

I have only made a few of these and this will be only the second time making this exact necklace. I had forgotten how much time this one takes to create. Some pieces I remember as complex because the design is tricky and time consuming. This one is not tricky at all. In fact it is just the same motif over two dozen times followed by sewing on crystal montees and finished by attaching them all together with rings. I haven't even finished making all the motifs for it yet.

So today I have a custom length bracelet to get made as the order came in overnight. Then I'll get back to the lace maille necklace. I'd like to imagine that I get that finished, but I really doubt it. There are no more marathons to watch and the husband is back to work. Heck, there are only a few more days left of the kids vacation and then it's back to the routine and trying to squeeze in time to get things made again. I'll just try to get as much done with the rest of the week as I can and hope for the best.

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StringyDogs said...

Sorry you have the crud! It has made the rounds in my house. I am the one it seems to love the most -- I am up and around, but the nose & throat thin is constant!
Hang in there! You just have to live longer than it does. And, gee, you are even able to be productive...that is great.