Thursday, January 10, 2013

What a Day

Well, I stalled more than usual yesterday and I really have no idea why. Right after schooling, which was much longer yesterday I took care of the laundry and then got pictures of the new bracelet to list. I figured if I did all that before I even sat back down, it would get done. Problem was I was bothered by yet another Etsy issue. I was trying to ship an international package and it refused to let me saying, Uh, oh! over and over again. So throughout the day I was messaging the forums to get help and then finally with a support person who emailed me. Unfortunately the solution didn't solve. I was told the address wasn't properly formatted so their postage label partner couldn't print the label. Guess what, it was fine...I checked, repeatedly and still no label. So I have to ship it old school, which is fine, but there are just so many more steps and insuring it after the fact is more complicated. What an irritable day.

Of course now that I write that all out it's perfectly logical that I got so very little done. Oh and then I got the reminder in the mail that it's time to remit sales tax to the state. Of course they don't say it like that. They say you need to file your tax return by January 31st which freaks me out every time I get one. It takes me a minute to remember what it actually is and much longer than that to get it all done online. I think I finally have a good handle on it though, which likely means that next year the procedure will be completely different.

After I got all that taken care of, it was back to tatting. After staring at the list on my computer screen for far too long, I remembered that I wanted to make a choker with the new design, so that's the work I began. About halfway through it I saw something interesting in the lace and stopped to play with an idea. I'm not sure what it is nor what to do with it, but it looks neat to me. I think I might muck with the pattern a bit more and try to make it work as something, but for now it was just a nice little diversion.

Today I've got one piece that needs remaking straight away and again I will stare at the list and who knows what I'll actually end up doing at that point. It's strange that getting back to a routine with schooling has put me off my tatting routines so soundly. I guess it just takes me longer to readjust than it used to.

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Vicky said...

The new piece is beautiful! I can see it becoming the center motif of a choker, headband, or bracelet, with the sides being narrower, like Wonder Woman's belt here: