Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What A Day

It's amazing how many things can change from the time I sit down to write in the morning and the time the kids get up completely altering the days course. I started yesterday with hope for the day, but the youngest was no longer feeling better when she woke up. At first I thought she would just get better as the day wore on, but that wasn't really the case. So school was short and I did up day 2 of Jane's TIAS quite early.

Of course that leads me to another tatting technique confession. I had yet to master the split chain either which was suggested for the pattern. I could have done it the other way which is how I avoided it for so long, but I guess I'm looking at this small project as an excuse to learn what I've previously ignored. Also the split chain generally just avoids cutting and tying which isn't such a hassle with the needle. Again a quick search revealed a lovely how-to and I was humming along in minutes.You might note that I ended with a split ring in anticipation of the next part climbing out the same way. I hope I'm guessing right here, not that doing it again wouldn't be excellent practice, but still.

Then I did indeed spend much of the afternoon stalling until my dental appointment, which was the fastest one I've ever had. They were ready for me when I walking in the building 15 minutes early and I had two cavities filled and was out the door in maybe a half an hour closer to twenty minutes. I still couldn't feel my face, but what a pleasant experience. Of course when I got home I was treated to the oldest child going down with the stomach bug as well. Her descent was dramatically fast and before I knew it there were two children sprawled on the couches with bowls and sad looks on their faces. The week took a turn for the worse and I fear it's only a matter of time before I or the husband goes down with it too.

Back to tatting though, I actually got a few sales yesterday that have bigger pieces that will need immediate remaking, so I have tasks lined up for the next few days at the least. The timing is unfortunate, but I have to say that the beginning of the year has been quite a bit busier than the same time last year and that's a good thing. So I'm off to a day of tatting and caring for sick kids. Here's to a speedy recovery for them and a miraculous avoidance of illness for me.

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