Friday, January 25, 2013

Strange Week

Well yesterday went better than expected. Instead of fighting school, the kids were anxious to get it done so they could get round to doing other things. I sure hope that becomes a trend. I got the TIAS done with my coffee in the morning and just before school I got final direction on the white or teal issue, so I was set for work tasks as soon as schooling was wrapped. I guessed that the TIAS might be a basket of flowers partly because that seemed to be a common guess, but as I told Jane, she's awfully wily so I don't trust that guess. I've accepted that I just won't know until it's almost done and apparently we're only at about the halfway mark. I am pretty proud of my lock stitches though since I acquired the skill solely for this project.

I spent the rest of the day catching up with my DVR recordings and working more carefully on a piece than I ever have before. You might have noticed that I'm a bit of a perfectionist, though that trait has waned a bit since parenthood. I don't generally put up with any mistakes in my own work, no loose stitches and all that.  There are things I'm generally okay with though. I don't usually bother with front side/back side tatting and if I make a minor stitch count error that doesn't affect the look of a piece, I don't stress on it. This careful tatting has to do with that thing I almost mentioned a few days ago. I'm still not fessing up to what it is, but I'm making something with attention to every detail and not surprisingly it's slower going that usual.

I don't have any tatting tasks planned for today except to continue careful tatting, though the timeline on that is really long, so there's no real rush. It's odd to have today be the last schooling day of the week since yesterday was the first. It makes the whole week feel odd. Well, I'm sure I'll get up to something interesting over the weekend, or something anyway. Yeah, this has been a strange week.

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