Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Surprisingly Busy

Well, I got a monkey wrench thrown in my plans yesterday. It was a pleasant monkey wrench, but still. The first day back to schooling with the kids was fairly quick, but rife with complaints. I suppose we're all just going to have to ease back into it slowly. After that I had plans to get the new design made into a choker and list the bracelet when I received one order after another just as I came downstairs. One of them contained a mask that needed making so that became the task for the day.

I also had a most interesting issue to contend with for the afternoon. One transaction contained an order for two pairs of ankle corsets. I thought there was a possibility that the customer thought that each one was separate and the two pairs was meant to be just two pieces, so I contacted the customer to confirm. Turns out I was right and they had meant to just get one pair, so I set about to cancel that extra pair and refund the money. Refunding is easy enough through paypal and usually canceling the one item in the order at etsy is easy too except apparently when it's a quantity of the same item. Then you can only cancel all of the pieces in the order or none of them. So where does this leave me... I'm avoiding fees if I cancel both and I lose those same fees if I leave both in the order. I could have cancelled the whole order and had the customer order again, but that seems like an awful lot of hassle to make someone go through to complete an order. So in the end I left it alone and became a little irritable knowing that my accounting numbers will be wrong and I'll have to remember to manually adjust them later. Oh well, there's nothing for it.

So the new design remains unlisted and it will likely stay that way unless the sun comes out for me to get proper pictures. Not that I don't have plenty of other tasks to take up my time. There's the mask to finish as well as the remaking of the other pieces that just sold. I guess they just go on the list with the rest of them. I'm starting to think I'm never going to catch up and I'll just have to list the unmade things as custom, just to get them listed. That wouldn't be so bad really. Most people have the patience to wait for a piece to be made, just not during the holidays. I also have more time to work on demand, so perhaps that's the way to go here. I'll slowly relist the unmade pieces as custom, the queue clears out, and I can just work on what is immediately requesting my attention. Yes, I think we have a plan. Let's see if I actually do it now.

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