Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm not certain what finally made me pick it up again, it might have been the bright sunny day, but whatever it was I was back at the art project all day long. The project doesn't have to be completed until the summer so I've been kind of laissez-faire about the whole thing. The last time I worked on it, before the holidays, I thought I was done with the prototype. I figured the next time I picked it up it would be for a final pattern adjustment and just making up the pieces. Instead the time away allowed me to look at the whole thing with fresh eyes and realize that I was most certainly not done.

My part in this project was given certain parameters to work within. I needed to create something a certain size and shape to be added to the final project. When I worked on it before that was all I did, I used existing patterns as a base and adapted them only as needed to fit. What I didn't do was add 'me' to the project. When I looked at it yesterday I knew I needed to add elements that meant something and contributed to the theme of the project as well as made the pieces distinctively mine.

This meant I spent all day making and remaking elements of the design and re-piecing them together to keep the correct shape. So in essence I started all over. I used brown thread because I bought a load of cheaper browns before Lizbeth started making a similar color. The final project is going to be white, but I didn't want to waste good thread on all this planning and designing. I think I've managed to work out all the changes I will need to make, and there were a lot, so I'll make yet another full sized prototype next to see if it all fits together like it's suppose to. If it does I'll finally be ready to make the real pieces.

That might not get done today though as I do have a couple of smaller pieces that need remaking today and they'll be my first tasks after schooling wraps today. I am feeling really good about the art project changes though, so there's a good chance I'll actually want to get back to that and at least get it started today. It should be another sunny day as well so I have high hopes all around.


Vicky said...

The art pieces look beautiful! Your ability to create new designs always amazes me!

Curious: You've mentioned a few times that you use Lizbeth thread. I've only found it in size 20. Does it come in other sizes as well? I thought I saw a lot of your pieces are made with size 10 thread, but I might've imagined that. What brand thread do you like for size 10?

JQ said...

The brown is gorgeous to me! Even if it was the practice thread, and cheaper. :) All your lace is beautiful...

Unknown said...

@Vicky, Lizbeth comes in sizes 3, 10, 20, 40, and 80. I have only seen sizes 20 and 80 in limited colors at my local Hobby Lobby so I buy most of mine online.