Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back To Work

Perhaps I was subtly influenced by other tatters without realizing it, but when I went on a hunt yesterday morning for an interesting old pattern to adapt, I ended up in the pages of the Priscilla book No. 2. Of course I didn't realize that's what everyone else was doing until I was browsing blogs this morning, so maybe it was a psychic connection. Anyway I ended up picking a triangular motif that belongs to the center mat. First I always tat patterns as written because I've found with these older patterns that they always end up looking much different that the pictures so I can't make any modifications until I see what it 'really' looks like and how each element of the lace behaves.

The next step for me is to muck with the pattern a bit. First I change small things like the number of picots. For this one, there are just too many decorative ones for my liking. I also change the size of them so the joins are tighter where I think they should be and add joins to increase the stability. Floppy is fine for a doily lying on a table, not so much for a wearable piece. Then it's onto the decision of what it is to become. My first thought was barefoot sandal or slave bracelet and since my feet are firmly ensconced in socks I started with the bracelet idea and began further mucking the pattern on the outside row to give me the shape I needed.

The bracelet came out okay, but a little large and not just in the size of the motif itself, but too big around for my hand. That's not necessarily a bad this as I have ridiculously small wrists and making things to fit other people well is a good thing so it will likely end up in the shop. either way designing it provided me with the base for the barefoot sandals and after employing my daughter as a test foot since she wasn't wearing socks, silly child, I determined it would work well and got to work on that idea.

I did a few more stitch count changes and again added some more joins for the barefoot sandal version, but the biggest difference was simply the crochet ties. I wasn't too keen on pulling off my long, comfy socks to get a picture, but I did anyway. You will note though that I applied quite the filter on the picture to obfuscate the quality of my winter skin. I also sense a necklace in this pattern as well and that, as well as the twin to this barefoot sandal are on the agenda today. If only they could have imagined back in what 1915 that a small motif design for fancy tableware would be abused in such a fashion.

Before I go I wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes regarding my stomach bug. Clearly I was feeling much better yesterday though all this work was done firmly seated in a resting position. We have one last day of vacation from homeschooling so this is my last burst of creativity for a while. I also have one secret project in the works. It's nothing new that's making, but rather...well, I just won't say anything more until it's all finalized. In fact, forget I said anything. I had a good day and I'm looking forward to another one today. Hopes yours is good as well.


Jane McLellan said...

I love the idea of using old patterns in modern ways. Great. Glad you're feeling better.

TotusMel said...

Thanks Jane!

Trish G said...

Modifying old patterns is something I'm still working on. I learned to needle tat from your Instructables and I'm to the point that I can look at a finished piece and pretty much make it without a pattern. Tweaking things to make them my own....I'm not quite there yet. I love all the pieces you show here in your blog :)