Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, yesterday was decidedly less productive that the day before. I made my feet as pretty as possible in the morning, after months of hibernation, in anticipation of finishing the second barefoot sandal and getting pictures of them, but I didn't get that done until well after noon or so. It was a pretty dreary day and I was terribly unmotivated, but at least they were a success. They are probably the densest barefoot sandal design thus far. I'm, still deciding whether or not to list the slave bracelet version. I most likely will, but I'll go back and forth a bit on it first.

One thing I am certain of is that the necklace version I worked on much of the day was an unmitigated disaster. I mean it was a complete wreck. The saddest part is that I had to make the whole thing up to make that decision essentially wasting hours of the day on a failed experiment. I guess they can't all be winners right out of the box, right?

Looks like I have day 5 of the TIAS to do this morning and then it's back to schooling today. I have no idea why they decided to start the school week on a Thursday, but what are you gonna do? So then after that I might get the slave bracelet listed or I might get working on something else. It's also possible that I'll actually hear back from the customer who left a note on their order to make something in white 'or' teal. Why, 'or'? I don't understand why you wouldn't say something like 'I'd like them in white and if you can't do that teal would be fine.' Now I'm stuck waiting to hear back on which they'd prefer because they are of course both equally possible, before I can get the order made. Obviously I'm crossing my fingers that I hear soon so I can get that knocked out quickly. Man, it's been an odd week.

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