Monday, January 21, 2013


I feel like I'm always coming back on Mondays with some version of, 'what a weekend'. Though usually what I mean is ,it was crazy or emotionally draining or just too busy not awesome. Here I am at another weekend and yes it falls in the above set of categories. Friday afternoon the husband started feeling ill and went down with the same stomach bug the children had just gotten over. I still have yet to get it, or I did, was asymptomatic and became a carrier. Either way I think I dodged a bullet. Then Saturday while we were hibernating because of the sick, the family issue I mentioned last week ramped up to almost tragic causing my stress level to shoot through the roof. The stress of that wasn't relieved until late last evening when things settled down again. I'm honestly surprised I managed to get anything done at all.

So back to tatting then. Since it was on Friday and I haven't blogged it yet, this is day 3 of the TIAS. Day 4 was posted today so that's the first thing I'll do this morning. I already took a quick look at it and it's just chains so it should be a quick one. I like that doing this project gives me more tatting photo opportunities. even if they are basically the same as a hundred other tatters.

The only other tatting I got done over the weekend was finishing up a couple of small orders that are still sitting in a pile. Since today is a Federal holiday, there's no mail. I hate having things sit around longer than they need to, but I can't send them by pigeon, so they wait.

Most of yesterday I managed my stress with crochet. I'd say the afghan is just over half done now, maybe even two-thirds. While I couldn't concentrate on creative tatting while stressed, crocheting a blanket is meditative. Usually I can get to that place with tatting as well, but I'm also prone to mistakes when I'm distracted, so the mindless repetition of a simple pattern is definitely the way to go.

Today the husband has the day off work and the kids have no school and while everyone is finally healthy, I have a feeling we'll be spending the day inside with video games and maybe some movies. I hope now that the stress has mostly dissipated I can get some real tatting done, but no promises, it's still a Monday.

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