Thursday, January 3, 2013

If It Isn't One Thing

Another day of nesting and I'm cautiously optimistic this morning that I've past the worst of the cold. Yesterday it was a monster, changing its tactics constantly, keeping me off balance most of the day. My strategy was the same as before, nesting on the couch with a blanket of cats, tissue, cough drops and teas...oh and tatting, there was much tatting.

I started out the day making a custom length bracelet and followed that up with the sewing of a hundred crystals onto the motifs made the day before. I'm not exaggerating with the hundred number either, this piece really does have 100 crystals. Why I did that to myself, I couldn't really say, but I did. I do get into a nice rhythm with them, four to a motif and I use the same exact stitching with each one so it moves about as fast as it could.

This task took me almost all day, though I would have been finished earlier had I not injured myself. Wait, no this is a good one. I'm working on the very last motif on the couch as the youngest child is finishing dinner at the table. She screams 'Mommy!' in that 'something is really wrong' tone so I jump up to rescue her and hit my elbow on the very corner of the side table, hard. Not only did I have a solid lump, but I hit the nerve hard enough to crumble me to the floor. This is when I discover that the alarm was the cat had stolen a bag of kitty treats and was running off with it. It took an ice pack and a half an hour before I could effectively use my hand again as the nerve pain radiated up and down my arm. The lump is still there this morning and it's sore to the touch, but everything else is functioning normally now. Of course I couldn't crochet the evening away and I got to contemplate how important my hands are to my daily life, so strange evening.

So this morning I have that necklace to assemble and then its back to the tatting queue. I think I should be feeling a little better today so I hope that means I get a little more done and actually move from the couch a little more. I think I might finally be getting stir crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I see what you mean by a "blanket of cats." I think I'd like to have one of those, except without the "sickness" part.

I'm sorry about your elbow. I was going to suggest arnica gel; for me it works only if I put it on right after the injury but that might be different for someone else.

I've read that sometimes these things (the cold and the injury) happen to tell us to slow down and take it easy for a while. Whatever the reason, I hope you're feeling better now. And I would love to see a picture of the completed piece with all the crystals. It looks amazing.