Monday, August 3, 2015


Let's see, Friday I spent getting some pairs of pine cones made into earrings. I got three pairs made up before I decided that there were enough of them to put together a listing for them. It was a little harder making sure each variegated pair was matching enough, but I managed it. The earrings are listed in my shop here.

After that was done I pored through the Armenian lace book for a place to concentrate my attention. After all though pine cones I was doing pretty good with knots and spacing, so I figured it was time to try and take on one of the doilies again. Of course I managed to pick the one without a full set of instructions. The book has just the center written out and then you have to follow the picture since according to the book, this one was made several years before it was photographed for them. I really loved the middle part though, so I opted to give it a go.

The book notes that the one they had was made with sewing thread
and I'm using size 30 so it's already quite a bit bigger. That said, it's coming along pretty well. I also picked up some fray lock glue over the weekend to keep all the end knots permanent and trimmed down. I've had to add thread quite a few times already and I figured better safe than sorry with those new thread knots, especially since I hate leaving those tails for later and want to cut them off straight away. I'm also not super great on some of these fancier knot configurations, but several rounds of them is definitely good practice. So I guess if I do in fact finish this doily, it will be a messy practice piece, but that's how we learn, right?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Round and Round was a mighty productive morning around here. The first thing I did was try to make the tassel pine cone pattern with variegated thread. I don't usually like using it for most things. The patterns it creates are often not pleasing to my eye, but for this knotted lace, it seems perfect. In fact I liked it so much that I dug out all the ones I had on hand. Most are Lisbeth, but a couple are hand dyed, not by me of course. Anyway I really loved the effect, so this is how I listed them as pendants. In fact I'm quite pleased to say that I have one going off to a new home this morning and I'm making a pair of earrings to send off today as well. Hopefully I'll get a couple more pairs made up and actually list them as earrings as well.

Once I had that listing up I decided to try the round pieces in the thicker thread and they work up surprisingly well. In fact I'm starting to become convinced that I'm just better at everything in size 10 thread. I thought a nice spot on top would be good for hanging, but now I think it looks a little silly so I'll likely remake it without that feature and then it can be a pendant as well. It holds it's shape quite well under pressure, so I'm confident it should wear well.

So I guess this weekend will be more Armenian knotted lace experiments. Oh, I am also sending the pair of Romanian Point Lace barefoot sandals to a home as well, so I can start designing my own pair from the ground up. It'll be hard not to copy the previous pair, but at least I now have permission from myself to work on the RPL again, so the weekend has plenty of options planned.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Well I did have a much better day even if I didn't accomplish too much. I got a small sale in the morning, so I had a tatted mustache necklace to make. That only took a short time, so I went straight onto the idea I had with the needle-lace oya pine cone. While I was working on that idea I tried to get a clearer idea on the oya front as to names for the different types and honestly I came away with more names. Seems oya simply means lace, so the type refers to how it's made, tatting, crochet, knotted, etc. So I'm just going to keep using Armenian lace for now since that's the book I'm learning from calls it, even if it is from the 20's. Anyway here's the pine cone in larger black thread started on a tatted ring. It's destined to become a pendant today I think. I even managed to work up the whole piece including the tassel with one length of thread and the whole thing was made with my tatting needle and for some reason I'm proud of that.

The rest of the day I tried and mostly failed to get a doily started. I'm fine in the center and then as it works out with larger loops, my ability to keep those loops consistent falls apart and thus the design falls apart. I really do love the centers though, they look so neat. Maybe I'll just work a center round into a pendant as well. I just have to try it with larger thread and see how it handles. After that maybe I'll give the flowers a try. They seem to use mostly the small loops that I apparently have down already. I really do want to achieve one of the doilies at some point though, they seem like they require the most skill and I want that skill...someday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So it appears that it is that time of the year again. Luckily this doesn't happen too frequently, but when it does I feel I must rant at least a little. When you use one of my free patterns or purchase one from my etsy store, I request both in the listing and on the pattern itself that you please use them for personal use or offline sale only. This is of course because I sell my own pieces online and I don't want to compete with my own designs. I know that not every designer feels this way, but many do and even though this is not a legally enforceable mandate(who can honestly afford trademark or patents?), most people comply, I assume out of common courtesy or respect. Every once in a a while though someone fights me on it. Yesterday was that day. I fought a seller on esty whom I had asked to remove the listings made with  my patterns. In the end it appears courtesy lost and she refuses to remove the listings. I of course have no recourse and the worst part is that when some people see those listings they will assume I gave permission or that is is fine for them to do it as well and I won't be able to stop the bleeding.

Okay, I may be being hyperbolic, but these events always cause me so much stress. This one even had the added bonus of a bad review for a sale pattern that called out this policy and then stated that they didn't even need the pattern because they could see how to make it anyway. It's everything I can do to keep myself from pulling down all my patterns and never listing another to avoid this in the future. It really is a lot of stress. I mean I get a nervous stomach just sending the messages. I didn't even find the listing myself, but someone had asked if my policy had changed because they saw the listing and so I had to send the message. I know that most people who use and buy pattern have no interest in selling and that to pull them down would be an overreaction, but I still just want the stress to stop. Anyway, I think it's mostly out of my system now, provided that no more of it rears it's ugly head anytime soon.

So back to making things. It was hard to get through any oya yesterday as I kept getting distracted and then shaky from the afore mentioned drama, but I did get some done. This first one here is called the basket stitch in the book I'm using. I like that it looks like little stars after the third row is done. I also like that I don't have any ends to hide when I cut off the threads with this. The knots are so tight, I can't seem them unraveling ever.

This next one is my favorite so far. The book refers to it as a pine cone and adds a tassel to the end. This is the first bit that I can imagine as a piece of jewelry. In fact I may try it out with thicker thread and see how it looks today, provided that I'm not distracted again. Oh, how I hope that drama is all done for now. Sorry, I know, I thought I was done too. Here's hoping today is better and thank you to everyone who does understand and respect my request. Thank you to all of you who support my work and give me confidence to learn new things and occasionally design new things. I need that more than you know.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Armenian Lace

I finished up the tatted heart order fairly early in the morning. I thought that I'd just go ahead and look for something else to learn. Turkish Oya had been suggested before, but I'd had issues finding anything to teach me what I actually wanted to learn. The little I'd sussed out about Oya, was that it appears to be any thread based adornment to the edges of garments. It seems to refer to tatting, crochet and the knotted lace, which is the one I wanted to learn. Eventually I found a link to an old Priscilla book called Armenian Lace and it was exactly the lace I was looking for all along.

As you can see here, it was not an instant success. So far, it appears to just be this simple knot spaced out properly to create all the designs. I got the knot fairly quickly, but trying to control the spaces was a challenge for me. Thankfully I had nothing better to do, so I continued to practice until it started looking right. I even felt confident enough to try it in a round. That skill needs some serious work, though I think I got the simple edge pretty good.

I went back to edgings after trying the one round piece. I really need to work on those spaces and this edging had picot loops as well to try out. I find this one bloody adorable. It also looks like there's a way to simple cut the lace off the fabric and make it stand alone because these knots are seemingly indestructible. I clearly have a lot of reading and work ahead of me, but I think I can add another form of lace to my list of, 'at least I've tried it'. Maybe I can later add to the list of things I'm actually good at, you know, one day.