Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time Off

I wasn't exactly lazy yesterday, but I certainly did no tatting. It was laundry and packing day here. I miss when packing meant I only had to worry about myself. Now it's a whole family I have to check on. Though luckily, the kids are old enough to at least get some of it done without any intervention, just double checking after they're done.

My shop is on vacation now though Saturday and I had already finished remaking everything I needed to from the most recent bout of orders, so I'm not even sure what I might do during my adventures down time. I have no tatting projects, no knitting or crochet ones either. I hate having idle hands, but I might have to just deal with it. I am almost out of time to come up with something to do. Oh, well, here's to coming up with an idea quickly and trying to enjoy my time off regardless.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lazy is Back

Okay, I got properly lazy yesterday. I didn't do a thing I said I was going to do in the morning. No finishing the TIAS, no anything really. In fact the only tatting things I did during the day was relist and share this necklace that I had actually finished remaking the night before. Then I remade the same heart pendant that I've done a few times over the last couple of weeks. I thought I'd already shared that repeatedly, so I just put it aside when it was done.

I did get another short novel read and then I went back to reading a longer one. I also started prepping for this weekend. We're taking a bit of a family trip through this weekend. The only reason I mention it is as a heads up that I will be putting my etsy shop into vacation mode on Thursday morning and it will down for a few days since I won't be able to ship anything while I'm out of the house. I wish there were an easy way to leave the patterns up and have the rest of the shop on vacation, but short of going in and deactivating each listing one at a time, there isn't one. So, vacation mode it is.

I imagine today will be more of the same, unless I get any orders that need to be attended to. I should still be blogging the next couple of days, so hopefully I do something worth sharing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I wasn't quite as busy yesterday, but I still had tatting to do. The order I had gotten overnight was for a pair of earrings and a necklace. Unfortunately one of the earrings had gone astray, so I had to start the day by making not only replacements for the ordered piece, but the other earring first before I could send out the order. It was also the first International order I've gotten since postage costs went through the roof for them. I know when you think about it, you're asking USPS to take a package from your house and deliver it across an ocean and to another house thousands of miles away and that given that, the cost makes sense. It's just a significant increase and I'm pretty certain that it will keep many folks outside of the U.S. from ordering anything they don't really need.

I think I have just one more small piece to remake for the shop and then I'm caught up again, for now. I also still need to buckle down and finish the TIAS so I can send a photo of my finished piece to Jane. I've been keeping them to myself, well my blog, but I know she likes to have a nice collection of the finished pieces on the TIAS blog, so I've got to do that. I think I'll leave you this morning with a picture of the daffodils in my front yard that mistakenly believe it's already Spring. Silly daffodils, it's February.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

It seems I'm still maintaining a nice even pace with new orders and remaking them. On Friday most of the day was devoted to a rather large choker necklace. It was one of my first modifications of a vintage collar pattern. A lot of other folk have done the same basic modification since then, but I still like the bead choices and shape of mine just fine.

Once that one was done, I got an order for another necklace. This one is one of my completely original ones though. I got the idea from machine made lace. There was a time when I was trying to redo all kinds of lace with tatting. Of course I had varying degrees of success at that all the way to 'burn it, it's awful'. This one and a few other pieces made with the same basic motif turned out nicely. I think I finished this on Saturday morning and the rest of the day was family time with no orders at all.

Sunday right before leaving to the in-laws house to watch expensive
commercials, I got an order for a choker and that gave me something to do between the commercials, but I forgot to tell you what I did in the morning. We were reading about the Chinese New Year and learned that the return of your zodiac year is a year of bad luck unless you wear something red gifted to you. So, my Year of the Monkey daughter had me make her a bracelet to stave off bad luck. I opted to crochet a simple one for her with beads. Never mind that I had never crocheted with beads before. Once I figured it out, I actually enjoyed making it. Now we'll just see how long she actually wears it during the year.

I woke up this morning to another necklace order and so I have plenty to do after schooling today. Schooling itself is causing me some cold-sore inducing stress right now though. Not the kids, but some administrative type nonsense. I'm hoping it just fades away without any direct confrontation so I can get back to enjoying the process of teaching the kids without too much interference. Here's crossing my fingers.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ring and Mask

We were back to schooling officially yesterday, so the whole of the morning was devoted to that. I'm trying to refocus the kids a bit as they tend to get lazier as the year wears on. I don't know where they could have picked that up from? Yeah, I know, it's me, but at least I can acknowledge it and work on the problem.

I had plenty of tatting to get on with as soon as schooling was wrapped though. I started with the tatted ring. I have these listed as custom pieces since I can make them fairly quickly and then each one can be a different color. This one was done in Lizbeth dark purple. You might have noticed more of my pictures are in-progress ones lately. There's a shop update function on the etsy app that lets you share them everywhere, and in an effort to help my shop gain momentum, I've been doing it for a week or so now. Since business has picked up around the same time, coincidentally or not, I'm going to keep it up just in case it is working.

After the ring it was on to remaking a mask that just sold.  This is one of my simpler ones, so I managed to finish it yesterday as well, though it's not done in this photo. After that was done, all my tatting, save for a pendant that I'm not sure I'm going to remake, was done. I went back to some reading for the afternoon.

I woke up this morning to a necklace order, so I do have something to remake today as well. I'm a couple of days behind on the TIAS too, so I'll try to catch up on that this weekend to see how the rabbit shapes up. Again, I just have to say how wonderfully busy this week has been and how much I've been enjoying it. Here's to a great weekend!