Monday, July 21, 2014


I didn't manage a whole lot of tatting over the weekend, but Friday I did get a few things for my idea project sussed out. First off I tried out a new pattern for the hyperbolic tatting. As much as I think the standard chain only method works perfectly, I think it lacks a bit of character. Plus for my clearly secret idea, it should be slightly less perfect. So this one has more depth in the design and when you pull on the starting chain it comes out of the perfect spiral and into a bit of a crazy frill which works for my idea well.

The next part of the project started with this new motif I designed. There are now several more rounds to this, but no pictures because I was a fairly lazy tatter over the weekend, only engaging in the activity while watching something or other on television. It is coming along nicely and soon it will be time to put away the brown thread I've been using to prototype and get to work on the final piece. Though I think I might also use this center motif for a pendant or something too because, well, I really like the way it turned out.

I woke up with a pretty persistent headache this morning and we also have our family dental appointments today so I don't know how much motivation I'll be able to scrape up to work on the project, but hopefully I again get distracted from it by sales. Partly because I'm pretty sure my art project here isn't going to net me a dime and partly because I think the distraction actually helps focus me a bit. I'm still going to make it of course. I need to get the idea out of my head and into thread.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I spent the day almost solely working on my last order, a pair of barefoot sandals. There are so many little bits in them that are made separate and then tatted together in the last round that they are usually an all day, if not two day, project.

I was determined to try out at least one idea for the hyperbolic experiment, so I made time in the late afternoon for that. It's the length problem I most wanted to solve. First I thought a base row of split rings would work. They would work of course, but split rings with the needle are quite annoying and I was trying to avoid annoying. Instead I opted for a crochet chain as a base. I wasn't certain I'd get the right spiral with it, but in the first experiment it is long and it curled perfectly even on the first row.

I didn't get past the second row because the concept was proved and there was no need to continue. The next bit to tackle is the pattern itself. So far the best, or most reliable look comes from this simple lock chain technique, but I want something with a bit more intricacy so today I'm going to play with patterns on the crochet base. I think just short pieces though so I can really try a few things out without going mad. This one here seems like it took forever.

Once I get these bits sussed I'll be off working on the next design challenge for my idea. Don't worry it's not some huge groundbreaking thing, it's just something to try and since I have time, I'm trying. Here's hoping I continue to be distracted by many sales and custom tatting.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Love Busy

I stayed pretty focused on getting my most recent order made as well as remaking the pieces that were sold in it much of the day. This piece was a custom color change. The original necklace was made in brown and brass, but the customer requested black. I'm kind of surprised that I had not done it in black before. Of course I would have likely used silver hardware instead of brass, but I think it looks nice like this as well.

I had very little time left over to play with the hyperbolic idea. In fact I didn't even get to try out the one thing I really wanted to. I should get round to that today. What I did work on was altering the pattern to see if I could still maintain the effect. This one seems to have worked, but not as well as I would have liked so it's back to the drawing board on that front as well. If you want to try out this technique for yourselves and haven't run across it yet, here's a link to the pdf by Patty Dowden. I mentioned yesterday. It explains all the basics plus specifics for a few different types of pieces you can make with it. I didn't read it in depth because I just wanted a starting point, but it looked pretty thorough.

I managed to get another overnight order that will need to be taken care of today before I can get back to the hyperbolic experiments. I've been busier than I have in what seems like months since I got back from the coast, I've been exercising more, and the weather has cooled just a bit, so I suppose I'm having a pretty good week. Here's to all this continuing for a long, long time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I had an idea yesterday and that idea required me to try out concept of hyperbolic tatting. I'd seen it around before of course and I had done my fair share of ruffled tatting even before that, but I wanted the classic spiral. This sent me to the same place I imagine this search sends everyone, a math heavy tutorial by Patty Dowden. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad someone did the math, but I prefer to feel the pattern rather than math it out in advance. So after a cursory look though the tutorial I gave it a go myself.

It turned out exactly as I needed it to except that my idea will require a very long version of it and I'm not entirely certain the best way to proceed. This piece starts with a base chain and we all know that usually a needle tatted element isn't longer than the needle itself, if you want it to look smooth anyway. So further experimenting will commence today. I already tried out a more complex pattern including rings, but I think I miscalculated so there will be further experimentation in that regard as well. The ideal pattern awaits in the ether.

In a stroke of luck I got in another order in the afternoon that will require me to make a couple of things, so I set aside the experiment and got to work on that. I have a bit more of that to finish up today and then it's back to the hyperbolic ideas. It's definitely a time consuming technique, but it does make the striking spiral I'm looking for, so I'm going to keep at it until my idea either works or crashes and burns.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Rut

Man, was it hot yesterday. Of course I only left the house a few times, but it was enough to categorize the day as unbearable. I spent the rest of my time inside tatting. I let the kids have the downstairs television for their video games and spent most of my time upstairs with DVR shows and thread. In fact I managed to finish all the pieces I needed to for the orders in queue and I should get them both out in the post early today. That does still leave me a couple of pieces I can remake for the shop, but after that I really am going to have to engage my creative muscles.

I've been feeling a bit like I've already created so very many pieces and I'm not certain I have any good ideas left. I know that it's just a rut and something is bound to snap me out of it eventually, but that doesn't fix it right now. Right now, I feel like I've run out of juice. I mean the last thing I created was that silly man looking motif and I'm not exactly proud of that. I've been, maybe not so patiently, waiting for a muse to strike and so far, nothing. This also have the side effect of making for really boring blog posts, so sorry about that.

So here's to a slightly cooler day, a muse on the way and whatever else would make for a good, creative, successful day.