Friday, October 24, 2014


Yesterday was generally a much better day, mostly because, at no point in the day, did I lose my ability to see. I spent most of my time on cross stitch and catching up on the television that I couldn't watch the day before. I know terribly exciting.

We did take quite a few trips outside to watch the partial solar eclipse. I feel bad sometimes that the
kids haven't seen many astrological events because you know, they're late at night. So any chance to get them out to see something like this is worth it. Luckily we bought some eclipse glasses years ago, so we were all set.

Yes, I did play with a photo filter program to make this picture, but the oddest part is that unfiltered, there was an image of the eclipse in the top right and in the center, that ball of light. I'm sure it's some sort of common photo effect when dealing with an eclipse, but I thought it looked neat, so I'm sharing it.

Today is the kids annual outing to a pumpkin patch. It is of course also going to be the hottest day we've seen for a couple of weeks. So I'm fairly certain that exhaustion afterwards will prevent me from doing anything too taxing, but man do I hope that the weekend offers up some sort of change in the shop or my creative outlook, so I can once again, fill this blog with tatted lace and complain about being too busy.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


You know how I was worried that my doctor's appointment was going to put me off the rest of the day, well it didn't. Nope, the Migraine I got after lunch did that. I've only gotten a handful of these crazy things, but man I can't imagine what it must be like for chronic sufferers of them. This one's aura started as little shimmery dots that made me stop cross stitching because I couldn't count stitches. Then it got bigger until it encompassed my whole filed of vision making it nearly impossible to do anything. The aura faded about maybe and hour or two later and left me with the headache.

Once I could see again, I went back to cross stitching. It was honestly the quietest activity I could think of doing. The oldest child asked why I didn't just lay down and mostly it's because I would have felt useless and bored.The headache stayed with me, dulled by some generic aleve, until I went to bed last night. I seem okay this morning, so here's hoping its another six months before I experience all that again.

I think I'll have to get some cat ears made today to make up for the lack of any tatting yesterday. I think I just move too fast when I tat for it to be okay to do with my head pounding. The cross stitch is much slower and steady. So I suppose after the sidelining events of yesterday, I can probably look forward to today being at least a little better...I hope.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nothing Interesting

Honestly I could have simply copy and pasted yesterday's blog post and it would have been a completely accurate description of yesterday as well as the day before. There was schooling followed by hours of tatting cat ears and sewing them to headbands. That was interrupted on occasion by some cross stitching and video game playing. I didn't even bother to take a photo of any cross stitch progress. Of course that's because with this sort of cross stitch progress is ridiculously slow and it still looks like nothing much.

Today will probably be only slightly different as I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't put me off for the rest of the day. Even if it doesn't, I really have nothing better to do than more cat ears and some cross stitching. That is unless something more interesting comes up, which I sincerely hope happens. I am getting dangerously close to a rut here and that's no good for anyone. So here's to something interesting happening.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Much

The day is always a bit more boring when I have a plan to remake things all day. You really can't have any interest in seeing more pictures of my cat ear headbands. I checked the other day and since I first designed and made them I've sold over 75 sets of them. I find that to be absolutely nuts, but then again you never know what will be popular. Some of my more favorite and complex designs have never sold a single piece and some of the most simple have.

I did manage to take one photo yesterday to liven up this text heavy post. I took a few cross stitch breaks throughout the day. I also took a few video game breaks as well, but that's not really picture worthy. It's one of those really complex designs with mixed colors. I've done them before and they take forever, luckily that was just what I needed when I started it, a side project to work on when I needed a break that would be around for a while.

So today's plan is the same as yesterday's. More cat ears tatted with cross stitch breaks and probably those video game breaks as well. So I guess that means another boring blog post for you. I apologize in advance.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

I tried to do something original on Friday, but that was about it. I doodled this for no particular reason and I'm not sure that it really has any purpose. It is an odd shape and it definitely reminded people of different things, but I'm not sure it stands on its own. I might play with it a bit to see if I can add a way to extend the design, or I might just let it be an odd little doodle that gave me something to do on a Friday afternoon.

The rest of the weekend, I cross stitched and hung out with the family. We mostly watched movies both at home and on Sunday in the theater. We went and saw Book of Life, which was beautiful and fun and I recommend it. Not that my opinion carries any weight.

The only thing I sold in the shop over the weekend was a pair of cat ears. I'm down to just one pair  left so I guess I will need to spend some time making those again today. Their time is almost up for the year, though I do sell a few year round, Halloween is the only time any one thing flies off my virtual shelves. So today, it's tatting ears and sewing them to headband. At least it's a plan.