Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Lots of reading and lots of knotting yesterday. I've gotten about 30.5 inches across done which is 78 centimeters, and that sounds better. While it looks pretty laying out in a flat circle, I thought maybe I'd show you what it looks like as I work on it. It lays across my legs, all the way to my ankles while I'm knotting. It just seems bigger to me somehow when you see something else in the photo to give it a sense of scale.

Today is likely to be a repeat of yesterday unless the shop gets roused by a sale or something. I've started to think about designing something new, but I feel like I've made so very many different bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. It feels a little like, oh, another one, how not original of me. I fear I don't actually have anymore 'original' left in me. Here's hoping that I'm wrong and something will come to me eventually.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Next Ball Of Thread

I sent off that tatted hair piece first thing yesterday and that means I have no tasks to deal with until the customer receives it and makes a decision. That means more knotting. I actually finished up yet another ball of thread yesterday on it. I didn't measure it again though because it's growing so slowly it's probably mere millimeters bigger than the last time I did so. I think I'm going to keep working on the same stitch for quite a few more rounds. I feel like it needs to be at least as wide as the patterned section in the middle of the picture.

Unfortunately this is all I'm working on again as the shop has once again gone quiet. Here's hoping for a little lace making excitement sooner rather than later.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday was reading and knotting, again. Saturday was a little errand running and a lot of cleaning. That evening we had a pair of my nieces over for the night. I just can't let people who don't live here see how normally lazy I am regarding the house cleaning.

Finally on Sunday I heard back from the customer that I made the prototype head piece for. The request was to purchase the prototype and see it in person before committing to more pieces. So I finished the piece off, actually wrote down the pattern changes just in case and will be shipping it out this morning. If he likes it, then I'll likely be making more of them, if not, at least I got paid for the prototyping and that's pretty rare.

I'm starting this week without any projects again, so there's going to be more Armenian lace knotting I assume. Well that and probably a lot of reading.

Friday, April 29, 2016


I did exactly what I thought I'd do yesterday. I obsessively checked for an email that didn't come and knotted thread. I did manage to also read two novellas and start reading another novel. I did do all that while not completely ignoring the children and their schooling needs.

The Armenian lace has reached about 30 inches across and I cannot get around the piece with fewer than two lengths of thread. I actually measured and I use about 14.5 feet of thread every time I cut a new piece. It's a bit unwieldy at first, but I think I've gotten used to it. The last couple of rounds have been an experiment. I mean I've been trying out a knot combination that I didn't actually learn from anywhere and making it up myself. It's similar to others, so hopefully it looks good as I keep going.

It certainly likely that today will be a twin of yesterday. Hopefully I hear back one way or another from the potential customer so I can have some closure there. I dislike just wondering what happened. So, here's so a weekend with some answers and hopefully some tatting too.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Yesterday slowed down a bit for me. In fact I even had some time in the evening to work on the Armenian lace. Not enough time to finish a round or anything, but a little time. This is the prototype hair piece I worked up yesterday. It's been shared with the potential customer, but I haven't heard back about it yet. The challenge with this piece was to alter my existing design to be an inch wider. My first thought was to add an entire new round, but in the end I left it to strategic stitch count increases. It took two complete prototypes to get to not only the right size, but also the right degree of curve. I do hope to hear back from the customer soon, otherwise it was just a day of practice tatting since I've no other reason to simple alter the size of the piece.

I still do have a couple of pieces I could remake for the shop, but I'm stalling on them a bit. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe I tatted just a tad too much over the last few days and I need a little break. I'm not certain, but I'll try to get to them today. Well, that or I'll ignore them, obsessively check my email all day and knot on the Armenian lace in short,  unpredictable bursts. I bet you can guess which one I think I'll be doing today.