Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I did it again. Or I suppose I didn't do it again. I mean I didn't tat anything at all yesterday. We went on a walk, we shopped for, but didn't buy, a new kitchen faucet, because crap, are those expensive. Then we all headed to the eye doctor where we had appointments. That pretty much finished up the day. Sure we did a lot of sitting about, but I just wasn't motivated to make anything.

I don't have much faith for today either. We have schooling, a Park Day outing, likely followed by more schooling. I think the time of the outing was ill planned if they actually wanted anything accomplished on the first day, but I'm certainly determined to not get behind already. Well that's it then. I'll try to tat if I get time, but it's not a priority, so tomorrow's post will probably be a bore as well. Sorry in advance for that one and sorry for this one as well.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Star Flower

On Friday I got far more creative than I had intended. I had already finished the bulk of the cleaning the house needed and I found myself with an idea of something to create. While woven, or Celtic tatting can be a pain in the neck with the needle, because of the long lengths of loose thread needed, I was in the mood to create more of it.

This was actually the second version as I had done the first in all black. Unfortunately, it really does need two colors so you can see the different elements intertwined. After this one I just kept going and eventually added a small lock chain loop to one of the outside joins so it could be a proper pendant.

I got them listed in the shop on Saturday after some family adventuring. It was pointed out that in red and white it looks like a Tudor Rose and I concur, but I also noticed that the rings also form a star in the center, so I named it Star Flower. There is a slight chance I'll work it into a lapel pin as well, but only free time will tell.

Speaking of which, if I do get some free time I might work up the pattern to sell or share. I'm not certain yet, so don't quote me. Due to some pattern sharing/selling drama in the not so distant past, I had really thought about not doing any more ever. I don't like the added stress it brings to my life, but I actually had the thought when making this one, so maybe I'm over it...for the time being. Again, I really don't know because homeschooling is about to start back up and that takes precedence over everything, but I guess I wanted to share that I was even thinking about it.

One last day off before schooling starts and we have eye doctor appointments. Then I need to really get the school area ready to go and hopefully sneak a little time for more star flower tatting. Here's to a busy week ahead.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Sorry, I got nothing. There were no new sales in my shop and no new ideas in my head, so all I did yesterday was clean house. I did counters and floors and cleaned things I rarely bother with. Then when I decided that it was enough, I sat down and watched television and melted into the couch.

I don't have much faith that the lazy tatter phase will be broken over the weekend either, but I'll try. We have Monday off, but schooling starts on Tuesday. We also have a 'park day' to attend that day as well. I think I may start evaluating what pieces I should have more on hand of for the fall and make those with this down time. Though as I am writing this I seem to remember that I say this every year and then, for whatever reason, I don't do it. Maybe this year will be different, or maybe I'll get busy again soon and it will be a moot point. At least I sort of have a plan. Based on this blog post, I do not have much faith in today. Here's hoping the universe proves me wrong.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Nope, I still didn't get to the tatting I should have been doing. I just really am not in the mood to remake the one necklace that's left. I did get the new hair pin listed in the shop after our teacher meeting, but then I stalled some more. It took hours before I was bored enough to start doodling with thread again.

This little, I'm calling it a fly, came about after a few experiments. No, I don't know what I was trying
to make in the first place, but it wasn't a fly. After someone said it sort of looked like a bat I made another with more bat like wings and a solid head instead of bug eyes. I didn't get a picture of that one and I doubt these will ever end up in the shop. Not sure who would ever want a fly and there are already several bat patterns in existence without adding another. At least the creation distracted me for a while.

I fear cleaning is on the schedule for today. After last week's nice run of sales, the shop got silent as the grave again. I suppose it's a good thing as I prepare to start schooling again, but the slowness always causes a panic, especially when we're shopping for things like school supplies.

As usual, I'm hoping for something good and interesting to happen today. And on the note, I'm off to it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I stalled like a champ yesterday. I never even got around to remaking anything, nor cleaning. In fact after I did laundry there were a couple of hours that I literally laid about. I guess I decided with schooling starting up again next week, that I should get a little time wasting done. In fact I'm not certain that I'm done with that yet. It might be on the plan for today as well.

I did do a little something newish to justify myself for the day. I added another round to the woven motif I've been playing with and it became a hair pin not long after this. I almost added a fourth round and I still might just to see what it would look like, but that time wasting bug reared up about then.

I will try to get the hair pin in the shop later today. We have our first teacher meeting this morning and having to leave the house and get things done should keep me from melting into the couch too soon. Not sure what else I'll get up to, if anything, but I'll keep trying for a picture worthy moment.