Monday, January 26, 2015

Nothing New

On Friday I got the custom sized bracelet made for the order I got on Thursday. Then Saturday morning while I was packing up the pieces, I realized that the necklace in the order was also supposed to a different size than the one I had on hand. I'd forgotten that I had made the size an option in the listing since I don't think this particular necklace had ever sold before. So I spent Saturday morning speed tatting the right length so I could get it in the post that day as I had promised. Luckily  had just two more of the clasps I needed on hand. I really am getting dangerously close to absolutely needing to order finding supplies. I'm likely going to continue to put it off until I actually do start cannibalizing older pieces for them, because I am loathe to spend the money right now.

It seems I really have developed a taste for having the weekends off from anything of consequence. The rest of the weekend was fairly tatting free. While I did finally start making the final version of the newest necklace last on Sunday, I only got to the second round on the first motif. Not exactly what I'd call progress. I didn't even read my novel all weekend. I just binge read a couple of comic book titles to catch up a bit. The family went to see a movie and then spent some lazy time watching TV.

This week is going to be a weird one. The kids have only two days of school, but they are days full of tests. Then they're off the rest of the week. I suppose that should give me enough time to get the necklace made, read some more, and even rest a bit. Of course not until after these two days of tests, so yeah, it's going to be a weird week. Here's hoping that it tries to be weird and good.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Last Bit

I didn't sit down to do any tatting until well after lunch. Sure there was schooling, but I also finished knitting up my boot cuffs and did some more reading. Besides the enormous novel sequel I'm reading, I'm also trying to catch up on comic book series that I am woefully behind on. It's going to be quite some time before I can say that I have caught up with them though.

Back to the tatting, I do believe that I have solved the last design bit on the piece. I even managed to work directly on the mistake ridden prototype without flinching. I thought of a few different ways to do the ends, but really a modified version of the existing motif does it just fine. I didn't start on a final version of it yet though.

Just as I was finishing this, I got an order in my shop complete with a custom sized piece that needs making. You have no idea how happy that made me. Seriously, I put down everything and got straight to work. Of course I didn't get very far as it was almost dinner time, but I should get it done today. The order also contained two other decent sized pieces that I really ought to remake for the shop, presuming that I have the findings on hand to finish one of them. If nothing else I have tatting tasks for the weekend. Oh, and I'm pretty sure you can expect this new necklace to also make an appearance as a new pair of ankle corsets in the future. The size is perfect for it and it's been a long time since I did a new pair of those.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I sat down after schooling yesterday and I picked up the scrap of lace that is slowly becoming a necklace. My plan was to contemplate the final step and work it up on the side that's already done and then set it aside to work on a final version. That's when I finally saw my mistake. Can you spot it? Yep, the motifs on the new section are facing the wrong way. The photo is actually the backside and the two newest motifs  added to it, including the one at the top of the photo are wrong. This wouldn't have been a problem with the first version of the motif, but these have joins between the larger rings and lock those small ones to one side.

 Even though I had already decided that this was going to be a prototype piece, finding this mistake made me so annoyed with myself that I couldn't concentrate on the new part. All I could see was the mistake and if I kept looking at it, I was going to waste time ripping it apart and starting that whole last section over. So, instead I put it down and decided to distract myself with some knitting and just come back to it tomorrow, which is today, so hopefully I suppress my instinct to destroy and create now that I've better accepted my error.

The knitting went well though and I managed some reading and some catching up on recorded television shows. I'm making another pair of boot cuffs because I have more leftover yarn from the family's glove projects. They make a nice distraction and they knit up fairly quickly so even with getting back to the tatting, I should be able to knit up the second cuff today. I finished the first one while I cooked dinner last night. For some reason this faux cable pattern I found on raverly makes me happy. Sometimes it's the little things.

So here's hoping that today's tatting time is more productive. I suppose that it couldn't be any less productive than getting nothing done, so there's that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We're nearing the end of the semester for the kids schooling and that means semester reviews and long tests. Add in my normal household nonsense like dishes and laundry and what I'm left with is precious little time for anything else. I managed maybe a chapter of reading while they worked, but I got only a couple of interrupted hours to work on any tatting. I did get another design problem solved though. The top edge there holds the pieces together nicely and it sits on my neck well, so far. I still have to do this on the second side of the piece before I will know for certain though.

After that I have one more design challenge and that's the end of the piece. I don't think there's enough room to do another full motif on either side, but it's all too short as it is, so I need to design something else to finish the piece. It's always easier with small necklaces that I can just slap a Josephine chain on, but this is a bit of a beast in size. I haven't come up with any ideas yet, so if I get any tatting time today, it might all be just thinking about what might work. Even if I do figure it out and get it made, I will likely make a second piece before I try to put it up in the shop. I've worked on this off and on for so long I've lost the perspective I need for pricing. I need to know how long it takes to make when I'm not dragging my heels and working on designing elements. At least it's starting to feel like a real necklace, so I'm calling yesterday progress.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We adventured just a bit yesterday like I thought we would, we also caught up with some television and movie watching, so I did indeed get some time to work on the necklace. I do feel kind of silly calling it that though. It still seems so far from being something real at this point. I'm fairly certain that it will be huge when I do finish it though.

This go round I worked out the sides just a bit more. I still want to add a small bit connecting the newest section to the center. I think I know what I'm going to try, I'm just not sure that it will work. The shape is harder to control when the pieces are this big.

We're back to schooling again today, so once we're done with that I'll play some more with this. I also really need to get back to remaking sold pieces. I haven't done it in a while, not that there have been a ton of them, but still. I've been hesitant because I'm running out of some supplies. With so very few sales coming in still, I'm afraid to order anything. I'll probably start cannibalizing findings off pieces that aren't selling before I break down to order more. Well, at least it'll keep me busy.