Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Bell

I really did keep my nose to the grindstone yesterday. I started out with a pair of tatted kitty ears to make for an order, but as they were finished fairly quickly I was right back to the new, larger jellyfish design. I did end up cutting out more than on new row as it wasn't behaving at first, but I still managed to get the bell portion completed.

Since it is much larger than the original ones, I need to make much longer hyperbolic sections for the oral arms. I started with the longest one just so everything after that would seem easier, but after three hours of tatting it, I'm still not done. Of course I'm also doing at least the longest one with three rows rather than the two of the originals, again because of the size difference.

While I did get the supply I was waiting for, it was rather late in the day. I did get to check and see if it would work and I think it will, but it will require additional tatting. I don't want to share until I'm positive it will come together, so you'll likely hear about it later today if you're on the facebook page, or tomorrow if not.

 I do have an order to make first thing today, then it's back to the original jellies to see if I can in fact get them ready to list today. If all that is accomplished it's back to hyperbolic tatting for the rest of the day. This new jelly is going to take quite a bit more time to get together. Hopefully it will be worth it. I suppose if nothing else, it has definitely given me something to distract me for awhile and something new to post about.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I really didn't think I'd get round to doing anything new yesterday, but i did. I was fairly determined to finish the mask I was making for an order and I got in done in record time. That's actually pretty surprising because it's been a very long time since I sold a mask and thus a very long time since I've made one. With that all sorted and ready to go int he mail this morning I had some precious free time.

First I was just going to waste it since I'm in a holding pattern with the current jellyfish. The supply I'm waiting for should be here sometime today and if it's early enough I might actually get them listed. It is far more likely that I get my order in late in the day and won't start listing until tomorrow. Of course that all depends on if I can bring myself to actually put a price on them. I got scads of price advice on the Facebook page, but I still feel add about such a large price point.

I think I got off track there. I was going to stall, but instead I started working out a new, even larger jellyfish pattern. I started working with the vintage ecru thread to start with though. I think I have enough prototype information to go ahead with a final piece even though I am still working out the pattern as I go. After this picture I managed another row, but it is still far from complete. The larger the bell, the longer each additional row is and it's at a good 6 or 7 inches across already. It's curving nicely though so I have high hope that if my order comes late in the day I'll get at least the bell made.

Before that though I did get a small order in yesterday that I will need to get taken care of as well. So today it's order, jellyfish, then secret supply. Hopefully everything goes according to plan, but I'm not holding my breath.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out of Town

I'm afraid I've really nothing to share this morning. We were out of town to the Bay Area most of the day for a doctor's appointment. Though we really spent more time at the mall there and even more time than that in the car of course. I was going to take some tatting with me, but at the last minute, when I couldn't find the piece I needed to remake, I changed my mind.

When we got back I did have a few quiet hours to get in some tatting, but since I needed to work on a few orders, it's nothing really worth sharing. I did remake this necklace and I haven't posted it since I made it the first time around, so I thought a picture might liven up the post.

I still have a mask I need to make, so that's the task for today. The jellyfish are on standby until I receive a supply in the mail tomorrow. Then I'll need to try out said supply and whether it works or not hopefully Friday will see them enter my etsy shop. I still have a few idea for future jellyfish pieces as well, so when the shop inevitably goes quiet again, I'll get back to work on those.

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Jellyfish

My, was I busy over the weekend. I was very determined to create some more tatted jellyfish. I managed, by working all day Friday and some of Thursday come to think of it, to finish the one in camel, spice cake and vintage ecru. There always a bit of a challenge using different brands of thread, but I think it added something to the piece.

I asked about pricing on my Facebook page and boy did I get a lot of opinions. Most of them were was higher than I assumed people would suggest. I guess I thought at least a few people would low ball the price because they wanted to own one, but I'm guessing they just kept silent instead. I'm still not set on a price yet and there is one more addition to the piece I'll be trying out later this week. I'm hopeful that I'll get these in the shop by the end of the week though.

Yes, I did say these. I spent the rest of the weekend work on a blue version as well. Of course the colors aren't particularly accurate in this photo because I took it with my phone and my phone hates teal and turquoise. The top of this is dark ocean teal and the other two are hand dyed, the lower bell is turquoise and the center is a light greenish turquoise. I mean, the picture is close, but not quite there and I added a filter to it to get it a bit closer to correct.

I'm off most of today, out of town with the family, so I likely won't get anything of interest done. I was also quite fortunate to get a couple of orders over the weekend, so any time I do get belongs to getting those taken care of. I guess that means a couple of days of boring blog posts, but at least I got to start the week with two pieces to share.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank You!

Wow, I shared the Sea Nettle Jellyfish around in the morning and it kept on getting love all day long. It received dozens of comments on facebook and it broke 150 likes. In fact it even got reblogged on Tumblr several times and I never get more than one or two there, so I'm really quite pleased with the reaction. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the nice things everyone has said, wherever you said it!

I didn't sit on my laurels, even though I was babysitting two of my nieces all day. I went straight to work on one that might be sell-able. With all the design work done I was able to work fairly quickly, but that hyperbolic tatting will not be rushed. Not to mention that the bell section needs to be stiffened before I add the tentacles and hyperbolic oral arms and that means it need to sit overnight. So I guess even rushed the jellyfish needs at least 2 days to complete.

This is the bell of the one I'm working on. I decided to try and more closely match the colors of some real Sea Nettles. The top is a camel and the bottom is Lizbeth Spiced Cake. The tentacles will be done with the variegated thread as well and the oral arms on the real animal are lighter so I'm using the same vintage ecru I used on the last one for them.

I should get this one finished today and then the plan is to try and come up with a reasonable price for it, any opinions would be helpful for that as it's my first piece of hanging art, then I'm going to go back and make another in all ecru also for the shop. Obviously it's going to take a few days before I get another done, but I hope after all the attention the ecru one got that someone does actually want to own one. I did think about sharing a tutorial for this and I still might sometime in the future, but for know, it has so many fiddly techniques that I imagine are harder to explain than I am up for right now. If I figure out how to explain in an understandable way, I'll revisit the idea. For now, it's back to work.