Thursday, September 18, 2014

This and That

After schooling much of my day was waiting for Apple devices to update. Of course that does come with it's fair share of sitting about, so I got back to stitching. I did indeed make it to the next stitch in the design. Unfortunately it's the one I'm pretty sure I'm bad at, the satin stitch. My daughter looked over and said, "That one looks much easier than the other one." I proceeded to explain that somehow it's simplicity makes it the easiest for me to screw up most visibly. I still managed to get most of that section done though.

About this time I got a new order from the shop. I didn't hear it come through because apparently the new update to my phone has messed with my notifications. Hopefully that all gets sorted soon, because I do adore that cha-ching sound, but I digress. The order was a piece that I actually wanted to remake, so down the embroidery needle went and out came the tatting one.

I'm still only about halfway through remaking this necklace so that gives me some tatting to do today as well. Then it's back to the stitching. I've become rather determined to prove I can finish this thing even though it's clearly not my strong suit. I can be a wee bit obsessive when I put my mind to it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As predicted schooling took up the morning and then I got the custom order finished and in the mail. This just left me with the stitching again. I'm still on the same stitch, but three colors in now. Of course the second and third color were just slight variations of the same color, so it's hard to tell that I've done anything different.

There was nothing new from the shop to do, so the stitching was all I did and it's the plan for today as well unless someone surprises me with an order or something. If I'm stuck on the embroidery, I'm hoping I can finish all the chain stitching and move onto something different at least. Though as usual, I would be pleased as punch to be distracted from this by some tatting. You know I just keep writing it so that maybe the Universe gets the hint and drops some benevolence. Here's to it then.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Thankfully yesterday's illness hasn't progress past the headache and sore throat, so I was perfectly capable of getting some things done. Schooling did demand the entire morning, but after lunch, I got tatting done. This is the beginning of a custom order necklace. It's going to grow up to be one of my Grand Daisy pieces, but the customer also wanted beads in just the center two daisies, so I added some swarovski crystals. It's amazing how a nice color change and a little sparkle can alter a piece so much.

It's not quite finished yet, it still needs it's hardware and a little pressing, but I should have it out in the mail to the customer today.

Since that was my only project, today will likely be back to stitching again. It really is slow going, at least compared with my speed of tatting. I've spent years getting fast with that needle and it's hard to slow my brain down to the speed of my fingers with this, but at least they're still busy. Here's hoping for more tatting busy, soon.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Another tatting free weekend, but this time it was kind of on purpose. With no orders in queue, I chose to hone my stitching skills when I had time to sit. I even managed to finish one color of the design and move on to the second. I've still only worked the same kind of stitch though, so clearly I'll be at this one awhile. Saturday we went off to the Renaissance faire for the morning and the evening was spent in a fairly rare bout of socialization with friends. In the middle, there was being tired, some stitching and even some reading. I had watched a movie on Friday that made me want to read the book it was based on and thanks to the wonders of modern electronic books, I could read it immediately.

Sunday was our normal errands and probably due to the usual amount of energy expending on Saturday, it was mostly sitting about after that. Also I think that the kids gave me their most recent cold, or whatever it is. I've got the 'it'll hurt if I swallow' throat, some lovely cold sores, and a quality headache right now. If it follows the same pattern, I'm about to get quite congested and snuffly. Really looking forward to it.

Late in the weekend I did receive one custom order request that managed to get all the way to ordered, so I do have a tatting project for today. Hopefully I won't be too under the weather to get it done quickly and get a photo to share. Aside from the sick, it's a good way to start a new week.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Something Else

Yep, it's yet another one of those, I got nothing for you days. After schooling we headed off on some Halloween errands. Yes, I'm aware it's barely the middle of September. The children have been contemplating their potential costumes for months though and after some killjoy, reality checks from me, they settled on some. One was ordered and the other required a trip to get large silk roses to make a headpiece. That's what we were off buying. I could have gotten straight to work on making that, but I think I'm still sussing out the details in my head, so something for another day.

After some wandering of the house and searching for long lost things, and the subsequent allergy attack from the dust, I sat down to do some candlewicking.  Why? Well mostly because I had been gifted someone's needlework stash that included cross stitch, embroidery and candlewick kits some time ago and I ran across them while searching for something else. I had nothing better...that I actually wanted to do, so that's what I picked. It's a kit for lilies on a pillow and since I haven't worked any of these stitches since I was taught as a child, it's at least a little challenging. It's also blissfully time consuming. Maybe after I relearn all the stitches, I can get some of the clever embroidery designs I've seen about and make those in my increasingly frequent spare time.

I've nothing better, that I want to do today either, so more stitching instead of knotting is likely. Hoping to take a trip to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this weekend as well, so that should keep us busy and then exhausted.