Friday, October 31, 2014


I'm afraid I don't have much this morning. With no tatting in queue, I worked on fixing one child's costume, did a little cleaning and I mean a very little and then I sat down and cross stitched. I didn't even remember to take a progress picture to share.

Today is bound to be just as unproductive. Right after schooling, I'll have to get the kids all made up in their costumes and makeup. Then we have a trip to the husbands work for early trick or treating. After that it's cousins coming over to brave the rain for real trick or treating. I assume that second trip will be short, but unless the skies open up in a torrent, the kids will still want to go out. I can't image that I'll get either time nor inspiration today to create anything, but perhaps the weekend will bring some of those ingredients. Here's hoping!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Listed and Remade's always a much longer day when we have to have a teacher meeting. Not because the meeting itself is long or stressful, but just because it breaks up the routine a bit. That means when we get back, it takes additional prodding to get the kids back to work. Then it takes additional motivation for me to get to work after schooling is wrapped.

All that being said, I did get the new necklace listed in the shop fairly early in the afternoon. I was having one of those running about afternoons with laundry and other such nonsense, so I really had to force myself to stop and take pictures, but since I knew I wasn't going to get to sit until it was done, I did it.

Right after I listed this I heard a sale notification and I thought this piece sold, but no, it was another necklace. That gave me something that needed tatting just as I needed a fresh task to keep me from cross stitching. This one is one of the simplest choker necklaces I make. It was modified slightly from a very common vine like pattern. I love it because it curves perfectly into a nice rounded necklace. Well that and because I can make it while paying little attention to what I'm doing. It's all muscle memory at this point.

I don't really have any tasks in queue for today, but with Halloween tomorrow, there's some last minute costume stuff to work out with the kids. Of course we have a 100% chance of rain predicted here for Friday evening, so I'm not even certain we'll get to go out at all. It's a shame, but we do desperately need rain. Hopefully a solution will present itself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I didn't get too terribly much done yesterday, but what I did do was make something new. Sure, it's a pretty simple piece and it didn't take too long to create, but it's new right? I went looking for bits to do a one off piece and was lucky to find some that I had already put in a baggy together when I was apparently in a more creative mood. I've used this round bit before, but I tried for a slightly different usage this go around. I also wanted it to be really one off, so I used the only Twirlz thread I have, still in size 20 because I haven't been making enough in the shop to justify whimsical thread purchases.

It's not in the shop quite yet, hopefully it will make it there today. We have teacher meetings this morning and I've got a couple other tasks to complete along with schooling, so don't be too surprised if it doesn't make it though. I've been getting supremely lazy about photographing pieces, like I just can't be bothered to do it right anymore. Hopefully I'll get a nice bit of motivation again today and something more interesting will happen. I can always hope, right?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Task

It's amazing how much better I stay on task when I have a piece to remake for the shop that I know should be there. I actually wanted to get tatting and I wanted to finish the piece, so I did. It wasn't anything new, but it sells eventually, so I was happy to make it. This is one of my Grand Daisy pieces, I think I have three choker using the same basic beginning and then they progressively get more complex. They do take a while to make since they are essentially pieced together with many daisy motifs, but I was glad for the work.

I also got another nice sale yesterday, but it was for one of my one of a kind pieces, so that doesn't really give me anything to remake today. Though if I can manage some inspiration, it does give me an excuse to make another one off piece. I guess we'll just have to see if the Muses visit, if not, it's back to the cross stitch which is still managing to keep my hands busy when they would otherwise be idle.

Well it sounds like I have at least the initial rumblings of a plan for the day. Here's to inspiration, motivation, and a spot of old fashioned luck.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well I had a nice long weekend, but I fear not much tatting was even thought about. We had our pumpkin patch outing on Friday morning and then I was coerced into attending my nephew's high school football game that evening. While I love the child and want to support him, let's just say, football game, not my idea of a good time. Mostly it just induced flashbacks of my high school days. Between the two events of the day, all my free time was occupied.

Saturday was errand running and catching up on television with the husband. So there was plenty ofsitting on the couch that could have been used for tatting, but with the shop a ghost town, I'm barely motivated. Sunday we cleaned the house because the in-laws where coming over for dinner. They don't really care if it's clean, but it was a good excuse to do some anyway. It had been awhile and just like tatting lately, I need the motivation in order to get anything done.

So that's the weekend in a nutshell. I know, not particularly exciting. I did wake up this morning to the sale of a necklace that I can and should remake, so there is tatting on the schedule today. Since I apparently couldn't be bothered to create anything to share with you, I hoped a cat picture would fill the space up instead.