Friday, February 27, 2015


As I had guessed in the morning, my purchasing of supplies did seem to jinx the day for sales. No matter though, I still had tasks on hand and I got both of them mostly finished. Instead of starting with the barefoot sandal I went ahead and got the linen earrings tatted. They spent the night getting stiffened and will be ready for their ear-wires this morning. I should have them in the shop today. The black linen thread is slightly more uniform than the gray shades, so these ones seemed to work up faster, albeit with the same padded look.

After that was done and in between news of escaping llamas and a dress whose color is apparently witchcraft, I also got the other barefoot sandal made and up and back into the shop. I'm hoping to get some sales in today because I got really used to being busy and all I have left to make is maybe the linen earrings in the last color I have, dark gray. After that I'm twisting in the wind. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


It might seem impossible, or perhaps just improbable, but right before schooling the kids yesterday I got two more orders in my etsy shop. Yep, and I was working on making up the black linen earrings at the time as well. So not only was a working on what I said I was going to do, I was also granted an unlikely repeat of the day before. I guess crossing fingers in text works better than I thought.

So I had plenty to work on after schooling. I started with this beaded, woven bracelet. It's a fiddly one to make not only because it has the woven chains which require that I work with a cut piece of thread, but also the base has lock chains that like to twist the ball thread. That mostly means that this bracelet takes twice as long to tat up as another it's size and length, but without those details. I also like it about twice as much as the others I've done in similar sizes.

Even though it takes twice as long, it's still just a small bracelet, so soon I was onto the next piece. This one is much bigger, a pair of barefoot sandals. Not the usual pair that I've remade so many times I could probably make them with my eyes closed. No, these ones are much larger and I think I might have made this design twice, ever. So it definitely required a lot more concentration and at this point I've only managed to finish one of the pair.

Today's tasks include the second barefoot sandal and getting back to the black linen earrings.  I actually made a supply order yesterday since I had had enough sales in a row to justify finally doing so. If I hadn't there would be a lot of necklaces without clasps and earrings without ear-wires in my lace pile very soon. Of course the very fact that I ordered supplies will probably preclude me having another repeat day of sales today, but I'm going to go ahead and cross my fingers for it again anyway. This working on tatting all day long thing has been a treat.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busy had a blissfully busy day yesterday. For some inexplicable reason I received more than one order of actual tatting yesterday. So I busied myself much of the day remaking the pieces that sold, but I'm getting ahead of myself a bit. Right after schooling. I put together the new motif in linen with its ear wires. They are definitely bigger earrings than I would usually wear, but they do have that whole lightweight thing going for them. I fully intended to get them made in the black linen thread as well, but as I already mentioned I was kept rather busy with remaking what sold.

The first one I remade was a necklace that had actually sold the day before and then after that I tatted up this cuff bracelet in my version of the classic Hen and Chicks pattern. I add Victorian sets where the thread spaces usually live, and I like to double the pattern over on itself so it's less of an edging and more of a standalone piece. I wasn't even done there though I was dealing with an aggravated shoulder. I must've wrenched it the day before, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is that I did. Anyway, I made up one last necklace after this and that was the end of my day.

I'm all caught up on the pieces that sold now, so unless I'm blessed with the same sort of day I had yesterday(crossing fingers), I'll get the earrings made in the black linen and possibly the dark gray as well. Since the linen thread isn't my favorite to work with, it's best to get it knocked out all at once and then got back to smooth, soft cotton thread again. Though honestly, as long as I'm busy, I'm not going to least not too much.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Linen Thread

I was surprisingly productive yesterday. As soon as schooling was over I was making sure the laundry was going, taking photos of the medallions turned into pendants and getting them listed in the shop along with a bunch of other small tasks. It was like a mini whirlwind until around noon.

After lunch, I worked on remaking a small pair of earrings that sold and then I was bored for a minute. I decided to get out a giant ball of organic linen thread and just play for awhile. When I first bought the linen thread I had high hopes of using it all the time, but it's just fiddly to work with. It's rough and can be quite uneven with occasional lumps. If I work it with the smaller, more appropriately sized needle, those bumps are impossible barriers to finishing a piece. I choose to work it with a needle a bit too large which leaves me with that padded looking lace that seems to be the reason folks find needle tatting inferior to the shuttle. All that aside though, I have tons of it so I decided to experiment a bit.

I worked up the new medallion and then added another round. I think initially, I was going to keep going and work it up into a doily of sorts, but I kind of liked it at this size even though it took away the hexagon shape of the original design. I thought maybe it would make a nice pair of big earrings. I made another and got them stiffened last night since the larger needle makes them floppier than I like for earrings. They should be ready for hardware this morning and I should get them in the shop. I also have this same linen thread in black and a darker gray, so maybe I'll do a couple more pairs if nothing else has presented itself to be done.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Well I got a lot of tatting done on Friday, but nothing made it into the shop. This is mostly due to the gloomy weather that precluded taking decent photographs, and partly because I was feeling particularly lazy over the weekend. Back to the tatting though, I started by adjusting some small details of the medallion I've been working on. Though I liked the longer chains in the outer round, they made the piece a little too unpredictable. I shortened them and the result was a more compact and polished piece.

The next thing I did was play with colors. I tried to ask for color suggestions, but I was getting no feedback at the time, so I just grabbed the thread on top of the pile. Yellows and oranges are definitely not my go to colors, but they did demonstrate clearly how colors would play out. I couldn't leave it there though and since I was clearly not getting them ready for the shop yet, I dug deep in my box of thread and pulled out the purples. They are definitely more to my liking. I finished up the day with grays, but never managed to get any of them in the shop over the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was just family adventuring. The oldest child got an extreme haircut. I stained and painted a memorial box for my cat Shade's ashes. The children had me make necklaces out of pendants they got from Michaels when they were out with their grandma. There was a lot of making over the weekend, even a small pendant that was ordered was tatted up, but I still felt really lazy. I should hopefully get all these medallions turned into pendants and listed in the shop today. I just have to rely on a little sun breaking though, so here's hoping for that and a little more motivation.