Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Romanian Point Lace

Well we had a nice recovery day around here after the previous kid filled day. It was quiet and I got much done. I finished making the crochet chain I needed for my first go at the Romanian point lace early in the day and got it all tacked done and ready to go. If you're curious and want to give it a go as well, the tutorial I used is here. All you need is needles, thread, some plain fabric and some contact paper. Though those last two can be replaced with some paper according to other site. I had everything, so i decided to just follow the one tutorial all the way through.

Once it was all tacked down the embroidery work began and it worked up fast. Even though I clearly made some shaping mistakes that I'm just going to chalk up to it being my first try, I'm still pretty proud of myself. In fact almost immediately began making another cord, this time in black, so I could experiment. I thought about just looking for more existing patterns to try, but the whole construction process seems to free form that I felt it simple to just make something up as I went.

I used a simple Celtic knot design for the cording and, well, I'm
making up the fill in stitches as I go.The spaces are probably not as big as they should be for some really fancy work, but it's definitely giving me some quick practice. Aside from the sheer length of time it takes to crochet the cord, it's a craft that can have some immediate gratification. I mean once the embroidery portion begins, the progress is obvious. I think I'll keep playing around with this for a spell. I have a sense that it has potential to be easily joined with my tatting. More practice is required first though.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wandering Mind

I started out the day working on designing a small heart. Well, redesigning it actually. I had a heart designed and I was asked if I could make it no larger than an inch. Honestly I thought it would be harder since many pieces just can't easily be shrunken and keep their proportions correct, but it worked out after just two prototype attempts with smaller thread and altered stitch counts. In a stunning example of good fortune, the customer responded to my message of success quickly and I had an actual order from her for several of them within the hour. I spent the morning and a little of the afternoon on their creation.

It wasn't a quiet day though, my one niece babysitting gig that had been planned snowballed into two, then three and finally all four of them. This meant at one point there were six girls in the house between the ages of 8 and 12. It was loud. They are generally good kids so it didn't take much physical effort to watch them, but they were a little mentally exhausting. That did not stop me from trying to decide on a new bobbin lace piece.

I spent quite some time online searching for something that would grab my attention. Researching on topic led to another and before I knew it I was looking up needle lace and finally Romanian Point Lace. Since it seemed that this one required no materials that I didn't already have on hand, I thought I'd look a little further. It also seems that I should have all the prerequisite skills needed to combine into this one as well, so before I knew it I was crocheting a cord so I could try it out. I did however seriously underestimate the time needed to create a cord long enough to do the tutorial I found. I got nowhere near actually trying to make the lace, but I should get to it today.

Don't worry I'm not abandoning the bobbin lace, nor tatting, but without the funds to justify the purchase of a pillow and more bobbins, I'm stalled there and without some solid inspiration or a busy etsy shop I'm having trouble getting motivated to do a lot of tatting. I figure using the time for gaining new skills seems like a good idea and perhaps I can one day soon fold those skills together to reinvigorate my shop, because the one thing I really need is to go back to when my business was actually working. So I guess I'll just keep on teaching myself new things.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Well the weekend was neither productive, creative nor particularly lucrative. My husband did celebrate his birthday and that included seeing a movie, Inside Out, and having friends over for dinner and another movie. I did a little tatting as I sold a bracelet yesterday and I finished reading yet another novel and started one more. My entire Friday was spent cleaning in anticipation of the afore mentioned birthday so there was no bobbin lace. Then on Sunday there was another birthday dinner, this time with family and since I was so exhausted from the two days prior, I spent most the rest of my Sunday reading and trying to stay conscious.

I'm watching on of my nieces today for a spell and then I actually have a small tatting project to attend to. An old etsy friend has made a request and I need to do a little design work to see if it's possible. I'm also hoping to get some bobbin lace going as well. I don't want to stagnate on it, but as I'm sure I mentioned I really ought to acquire more bobbins if I'm going to continue learning from this point. So unless I sell a bunch of lace soon, I'll just be treading water with the bobbins. I guess that's about it for this morning. Hopefully the day brings something interesting at least.

Friday, June 26, 2015

All The Crafts

I started my day with a lovely email asking for bobbin lace information which put me in a nice mood for the day. Why? I'm not entirely certain maybe it was just so nice to hear something complimentary, or maybe it was just that I liked the person. Whatever it was it got me working. During my last sitting session for College for Kids, I just made lengths of lace, followed by a standalone rose. No, they're not meant to sit together as in the picture, I was just being weird with the bits. The strips will likely soon be chokers and the rose, I might just give away.

Once I was home and still in such a nice mood, I worked on the strip of bobbin lace I started yesterday. It worked up nice and fast and now I have yet another strip of something that I'll probably never do anything with. After that I tried desperately to find instructions for the type of bobbin lace that makes shapes and motifs. I'm not even certain that I could work that without a cookie pillow that I could turn, but I had a hell of a time trying to find instructions so for now it's a moot point.

I did go back in book I'm using to try and fail a technique I had skipped. I'll likely just undo what I have already tried with that one to save thread. Then I suppose I'll go searching again for more instruction. I suppose this is the point where have an actual instructor would be helpful. Oh, and one last thing before I go for the day. Here's an awful selfie of the tunic I crocheted over the last couple of weeks. I like it, but I do wish I could have sprung for better yarn for it, Oh well. Here's to a productive, creative, and if the Universe is feeling generous, lucrative weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Done

I was ever so slightly more motivated yesterday, but just slightly. I only took my crochet with me in the morning and I was finished with it by the afternoon. I also managed to finish reading another novel during the day. I know that sounds like I accomplished things, but it really doesn't much feel like it. I plan on wearing the tunic I made today, so maybe if I'm not feeling too self conscious, I'll get a proper picture of the finished project later.

I also started another bobbin lace piece in the interest of keeping it up. I know what I really need to do is acquire more bobbins so that I can keep learning and gaining new skills. if I want to be competent at this I still have tons of work to do. In the meantime I put together another strip of torchon lace, playing with the placement of elements for practice.

This is the last day of College for Kids and I've finished both my books and my crochet, so that leaves tatting for my morning activity. The husband's birthday is also this weekend, so that means that cleaning will commence today or tomorrow. It'll probably be tomorrow though since I will have nothing better to do with my time. I miss feeling busy with my tatting, so I'm just going to put it out to the Universe that I really need some lace sales soon. It never hurts to ask, right?