Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Luck

I had a wonderfully busy day yesterday. After schooling me and the kids jogged and walked for a spell and then I sat down to work. I got the pattern written up for tomorrow and it's ready to go. I still need to get the listing ready for the sale pendant, but that's just a couple more pictures and some listing details. So this is your reminder that tomorrow is International Tatting Day and I will have the new pendant available for a special one day only price, the patterns will also be slightly discounted tomorrow only. So you might want to make some time to pop by the shop sometime before I wake up on Thursday and change the prices back!

I also got a pleasant surprise as I was tatting up a pair of ankle corsets so I'd have two pairs on hand, the other available pair sold. I know, weird. So once I get tomorrow's listings all sorted, it's back to tatting another pair of them. I finished this pair just before I retired for the evening. I'm wondering if I should make two more, just in case, but honestly this selling two in a row thing was an awful fluke. I don't think that sort of thing has happened ever. I can't imagine that kind of luck holds very long, but I'm certainly glad I got a little taste of it. Here's to that luck holding on just a bit longer.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Almost Busy

Well, let's see on Friday I did get up to some tatting. I searched through my sold items that I haven't yet remade for something that I should have gotten back into the shop. I found these barefoot sandals. The main structure is based on a classic single shuttle pattern, but since I generally hate thread spaces, I turned it into a woven chain design instead. I've used this same motif to make a neck corset as well, but for the barefoot sandals I just add some more rings a the top along with the other necessary bits for that kind of piece. Really I just remade them so I'd have something to tat and something to visually share.

The rest of the weekend I worked a tiny bit on the pattern for Wednesday. Don't forget I will have a new and inexpensive pendant up for sale for the holiday as well as the matching pattern and at least one more pattern besides. They will all still be for sale after Wednesday, but the special price will be for International Tatting Day only. I kind of got away from the weekend recap there, sorry, though it was mostly just family adventuring. This weekend was the annual plant sale at the local community college and as always we picked up several new plants to attempt to grow at home. If they live, it was meant to be, if we kill them, it wasn't. It's nice to pick up native plants though, especially since we're in a drought and plants that can survive with less water are definitely our choice now.

So yesterday I sold a pair of ankle corsets and that made my weekend really. I already had two pair made, but I'm working on another because they take some time to create and I like to have them always listed in the shop. I also need to get off my lazy butt and finish everything for Wednesday. I kept telling myself that I was far ahead of the game on this project only to realize that I have managed to procrastinate myself all the way to having almost no time left. I leave you with a picture of uncomfortable cat. I think his face beautifully illustrates the panic I'm just now beginning to experience.

Friday, March 27, 2015


We had a nice normal morning of schooling followed by a nice jog and yoga. The day felt about as routine as possible. I bet you're thinking that since it started so normal that I must be leading up to something interesting that happened. Nope, completely uneventful day, completely uneventful week really. Though I did manage to read an entire book trilogy in 4 days, it was the Wayward Pines Series if you're curious. The previews for the upcoming television show intrigued me, so I gave it a go. Of course now I imagine that the show will only disappoint me.

Aside from that all I managed to tat up was a pair of bobbies. That's bobby pins, sometimes people ready that word the wrong way. The picture is them not finished though. The one still needs its second round and they both need their center bead. At least it's a picture right. Well here's to a more eventful weekend. Something has got to give sooner or later, right?

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well yesterday's teacher meeting pushed school back so far that we didn't even bother going out to jog or do yoga. Instead I somehow convinced myself that I was up for more weed pulling in the yard after lunch. Why does only a half an hour of that activity feel like I climbed a mountain the next morning? Who knows, but it seem to almost always be the case.

There were no orders in the shop, nor was I particularly inspired to create anything. I couldn't, however, let another day go by without any tatting. So to that end I doodled up this little bit. It's nothing too interesting nor creative, but at least I picked up my needle and thread and did something.

Now that the most recent teacher meeting is wrapped I have a few weeks of calm before I have to start gathering more work samples and that will hopefully put me in the mood to do the patterns I've been planning. Sometimes it feels too much like my own school work, getting them all written out, photographed and proofread, but I am on a self imposed deadline. Of course as always I'm hoping for more sales to distract me instead, that's the dream.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I didn't really do a thing worth sharing yesterday. There was schooling and a jog with the kids. There was laundry and some reading. I even got caught up with a messy science experiment, but I managed to unintentionally avoid tatting all day. It's days like these that I wonder why I bother writing at all, but the truth is as it's always been, it's a habit that I choose to keep. Whether or not I have anything of interest to share or not, I'll always write Monday through Friday, because that is my routine.

Hopefully I'll manage a little tatting time today, perhaps there will be a sale in my shop or maybe some inspiration will hit. We do have a teacher meeting today so it will already be a long and different morning. Maybe the change in routine will be inspiring in itself. Or more likely I will sit down tomorrow morning with nothing of real interest to share and write about it anyway. Yeah, I'm hoping for some fresh tatting too.