Friday, August 22, 2014

Time Wasted

Yesterday was, in fact, another busy day. It started with finishing up the mask I was remaking, followed by making more kitty ear headbands. This is the time of year when those start really selling and I'd like to keep up with them. Next up, I got the woven motif, as a pendant, listed in the shop. I'd pop up a picture, but it's really just the same as yesterday only with a ribbon instead of a pin and the only thing worse than no picture in the blog post is a repetitive one.

After lunch I stole a little time to play one of my birthday gifts that was just released, Shadowgate. It's an update of a text adventure game I played many moons ago when I didn't have kids nor a business to take up my time and it is just as frustratingly difficult as ever. It might well have sucked the rest of my day away, but luckily the order from the shop I was waiting for came in and that meant I had even more pieces to remake, so I stopped.

The order I got was mostly for necklaces that I only have one made of, and some of them are ones I've not made a whole lot. This means I'll want to get their replacements made before I send these ones away so I can refer to them as I make the new ones. Today is going to be a whole lot of nose-to-the-grindstone tatting. If you're wondering, yes, I'm quite happy about this. Hopefully before Monday I'll find or make something picture worthy. Until then.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boutonniere went ahead and stole some time straight off in the morning to make the new woven motif into both a pendant and a boutonniere. The pendant was just adding a jump ring to the already tatted motif, but the boutonniere was a pain in the neck.

The gray section is actually made first and then the black section is woven into it as I work. All this is already a bit fiddly, but for this, I have to tat the center directly onto the pin finding and then weave around it as well. Until it's almost done, the pin is flopping about and getting all up in the way. Even so, this one is done and in the shop.

I didn't yet list the matching pendant, but it should get into the shop early today. I still have several pieces that need remaking for the shop. I'm about halfway through a mask right now, so I'm guessing my entire day will be remaking. At least I managed to get a little something new in anyway. Here's to another busy, busy day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was fantastically busy yesterday, it was wonderful. After a nice morning of yoga with the kids I went to work remaking the pieces that had just been ordered. Of course I only made it through one before I got another nice order in the shop with a custom piece in it. So I stopped the remaking and started on a Celtic triangle necklace. The fun part about a piece like this one is that I can make all of one part first and the rows of center daisies gave me something interesting to take a picture of. This means no 'text only' blog post.

I also had an inquiry from a shop that buys from me every so often, but I've yet to hear back from her again. I'm crossing my fingers that she is ready to make a largish purchase again. If she does, then I shall be ever so busy for days, if not weeks. Once the current custom order is done, I might just steal some time to get back to the motif I showed you yesterday and at the very least turn it into a pendant and get it in the shop. Hopefully I will manage to suss out turning it into a boutonniere as well.

Well, that's it really. Busy with orders is great for me, but rubbish from a narrative standpoint. I'll will try to lift the monotony with pictures, if I remember.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things to Do

I cleaned my desk yesterday morning. I make this statement to illustrate how truly bored I was without a project in the morning. Sure, it needed to be done, but it really ought to have been done months ago and I managed to ignore it sitting here every day. Once that was done though, I knew I needed to get into some tatting quickly. First I chose to make a few spiders for the shop. I know, Halloween is still months away and it's still over 100º outside, but the stores are stocking it, so why shouldn't I?

After a few of those, I decided to dig back in my sold pieces for something more substantial to do. I ran across this Celtic stye motif I did years ago now. I couldn't remember much about why I made it, but when I found the prototype I decided to muck with the design a bit. I changed some stitch counts and picots, redid the center, and left off a third round entirely. I'm thinking just now that I may make it a new boutonniere design as well as a pendant.

No time for that today though because I thankfully got a nice sized order late last night. I have things that need making and I couldn't be happier. I might set aside a little time for this though, new things always make me feel like I've actually accomplished something. Either way, I have things to do today!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm afraid I again have no tatting to share, but this time it's because I was being selfishly lazy over the weekend. I decided that for my birthday I was just going to 'be', unless otherwise needed and I wasn't, needed, that is. I got some lovely gifts, I went shopping and actually purchased a few things for myself, which I rarely do anymore, and then there was lunch with family and dinner with friends. It really was a nice little birthday.

The rest of the weekend was family adventuring, some shopping, some movie going, some visiting. In fact really the only downside of the weekend, save for no tatting, was the lack of sleep. We stayed up far too late on Friday and the cats woke me at 4 the next morning, so without the ability to nap, I haven't been able to make up for that 2.5 hour night. I'm still dragging this morning.

Despite the offer of a free gift, I only got one small order on Friday and the rest of the weekend was a complete bust sales wise as well, aside from a pattern sale. That one order is already taken care of, so I start another week with no clear tasks ahead. I'm crossing my fingers for something interesting to happen, and good interesting this time, not weird and creepy. I do so hate writing blog posts without something visual to share. So here's hoping for a pleasantly surprising and unexpectedly busy Monday.