Friday, February 1, 2013


I should never, ever start a day without designating a tatting task of some sort for later. When I don't, I end up doing something unpleasant, like the other day when I stress cleaned. What unpleasant thing did I do yesterday morning? I organized receipts. Now if I kept track of them like I say I will at the start of every year, this would not be a problem. I, however, clearly don't. No, I throw them in a pile until half my desk looks like a hoarders house and then I have to spend an hour sorting business receipts from personal and getting them placed in their accordion folders in some semblance of order so they can do me some good when tracking write-offs. This is all in anticipation of taxes which I can't do until I get all the forms from all the people who must send me forms and some of them wait well into February for overseas investment reasons. So, fun morning then.

After that I took a final laid out picture of the art project prototype to send the artist. Thankfully it was well received. I always, always worry about the acceptance of commissioned pieces. What if I had completely misunderstood the idea, the function? Don't laugh, it's happened at least once before when I was asked to make a mask for a photo shoot. The final piece turned out to be my favorite fancy design, but the photographer was ridiculously unclear as to what he wanted and I had gone far past it. The best part is once I made the one he did want for the shoot, he fell off the face of the earth and I just sold it in the shop. This is why I'm gun-shy.

So today I shall begin work on the final white art pieces. There are a total of three of them and I may add a slight variation to each one, but I'm not certain what that will be. Likely a change in decorative picots here and there just to give each a slightly different personality, but the overall design and structure is set. I've also got a couple of pieces back in the queue to be remade, so I have plenty to do this weekend and there will be no need for silly unpleasant tasks...I hope.


Karla Barraza said...

Oh it turned out fantastic! =D

StringyDogs said...

You are branching out! A piece in brown and one in variegated. Goodness, what is the world coming to? ;-)

I love all your work - so even and well thought out. The art project piece is beautiful. I could not imagine anyone not liking it.