Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Tatted Cameo Pattern

Good gracious, what a weekend. Sunny days and lawn working, making. . .making and more making. Really, I don't even know where to start on this one. There has been significant progress on the new collar piece, but I shall save that for tomorrow as I wanted to post the cameo pattern for your enjoyment today, but first one thing that transpired in the comments of Friday's blog that I would be remiss not to mention here.

I was called out on the pattern for the Key to My Heart pendant. You see the pattern was among the first I snagged from the Internet when I began learning to tat. All that remains of it is a faded, stained diagram of it. I don't think I ever knew who designed it & couldn't remember where I found it, but I adored it so that I kept right on using it well after I had begun to design my own pieces. Part of me hopes that the designer would see it and contact me, but it never happened so I let it slide away. In Friday's comments the designer, Betsy Evans, was named along with a polite suggestion that I credit her. I don't think I've changed a listing so fast in my life. I never did try to claim ownership of the design, I just never had enough information to share the origin before. Hopefully it's is remedied now and I hope I have not upset anyone with this glaring omission. Of course in hindsight I could have just asked and a dozen tatters would have likely had the answer, but when I was concerned I knew few tatters and like I said, I let it slip away and did not think much about it after. Lazy? Maybe, but a more elaborate excuse would be a lie. Now onto the pattern.

Tatted Cameo Pendant

size 10 crochet cotton, size 5 needle ( of course you may substitute, but size will vary)

*R 5ds picot 5ds close rw
*R of 8 Victorian sets (sets are 10 of the 1st half ds and 10 2nd half ds) separated by a small picot
close rw
*ch 3ds picot 3 ds picot 3ds picot 3 ds join to first small picot of previous ring. Continue around until you reach the end join t top of ring. Close, cut and tie.

If you've not done Victorian sets, they are similar to Josephine chains and twist back and forth on their own, let them. The sets will form a zigzag pattern. When joining the chains to the ring take a moment to make sure that the rings turns stays even for the best result.

I used a head pin, added a key and bead though the top ring, but you of course may add whatever fits in the cameo. I would prefer if you use the pattern for personal use, but as long as you fill your cameo with something different than mine you may feel free to sell your piece as well since I think they will all look so different. I would of course ask that you credit me for the design...I know this sounds a bit ironic today, but there you have it.

Any questions feel free to ask. I was going to do a Victorian sets video, but got far too busy this weekend, but it may still happen. Good luck and enjoy.


thedancingemu said...

Beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing <3

I'll see if I can actually get all the way through this pattern without ruining it, lol.

Beelizabeth said...

I, too, have a lot of patterns that are faded and it's next to impossible to know where they come from. Thank you for correcting the oversight so quickly. Following your blog, I knew you wouldn't intentionally claim something as your own that was not and that you would gladly give credit to the designer if you had the information. It really does make a beautiful necklace. I have also been anxiously awaiting the pattern for your cameo necklace. I can't wait to try it. said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern. On another note, thanks for responding to the criticism in regards to Betsy Evan's heart. I'm a massive lurker on Etsy and its a wonder I hadn't noticed. This is one of my favorite patterns but I think the key threw me. Its refreshing for someone to just admit they made a mistake and move on.

Sharon D. said...

Thanks for shearing the pattern. I am going to try and do it and not miss it up. Love all of your tatting.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

OH THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH Totus!!! Now to see if I can do you beautiful design justice!
Thank you again!

Sandi76 said...

I must be missing something. I can't seem to get the joins right. My cameo always turns out wonky! I would share a pic but they are that bad :(

Sandi76 said...

As with the slave bracelet, I figured out what I was doing wrong, shortly after posting the previous comment. Seeing several possibilities for Christmas now :D Thanks for sharing your lovely patterns.

Unknown said...

I finally figured out this pattern and it's the third thing I've tatted. I learned from your flower, then found a butterfly and now this. Mine isn't as nice and even as yours. How did you say you make them sturdy? I wouldn't mind selling the project as a necklace, but I don't know why anyone would buy mine. :P What I want to do is what I do with all crafts...learn the basics and start designing my own. What I'm finding with this, however, is that learning the basics is so much harder than most other crafts.

MissFlux said...

I've just started tatting & am LOVING IT. The crochet hook has been put just to the side for now. So I. Looking for tutorials because only know Double stitch and picots and joining. You mentioned you might do a tut on the Victorian sets? I would MUCH love to see that :) I think I'm going to have to make a blog spot Acc just to follow you & a couple of others :) I'm on tumblr. Thanks for you BEAUTIFUL pattern and gorgeous blog.

sarahmar9aret said...

Love your work! Thanks for sharing this pattern. I just made the cameo pendent as a frame for a key that was to my grandmother's old farm house. My grandmother tatted beautiful items with very fine thread. This will hang in my kitchen window and make me happy thinking of her and our times visiting the farm. Are you ok with me posting it Intatters and crediting you of course?

TotusMel said...

@Sarahmar9aret Certainly! Thanks fine with me.

Dnadryad said...

Thank you very much, I just finished tatting your pattern and try different charms to go with... I guess it will end with a tiny carrousel or a pretty little dress in a hanger !
Thanks again for sharing this, and for inspiration !
Have a bright day ♥