Friday, January 11, 2013

Headaches and Motifs

Alright about 15 more hours and this week is behind me as the proof that vacations only lead to suffering once they're over. Okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating just a bit. I had a persistent, but dull headache for much of yesterday and when I have a headache I tend to clench my jaw which causes further headaches in a vicious cycle that apparently turns me into an unpleasant person, okay a more unpleasant person. I did manage to get a little work done though.

The choker made with the same design as the bracelet has been fully tatted up, but I didn't have the motivation to add a clasp and really finish it. Hopefully I'll get on that today. After that I continued to play with that little bit I showed you yesterday. There was a lovely idea in the comments about where the design might go next so I work on making that happen.  I still need to polish the design with a few adjustments, but the "Wonder Woman belt" shape was a great idea and I've already played with it as a bracelet and a headpiece. I'm not sure about a choker because the wide center is likely to be crushed by neck movements as it is, but I'm certainly not done fiddling.

The rest of the day was divided between solving shipping issues, answering emails and sitting under a pile of cats mindlessly stalling. Man this has been a long week. So today I'll try to get the choker done and maybe listed, work on the new bit and try to avoid stress. Sure hope this weekend has at least a few moments to really relax and just be because I am tired.

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Vicky said...

^_^ Love the new piece so far! I'm looking forward to seeing it's evolution! Glad you like the idea!