Monday, January 14, 2013


I guess that Friday was pretty productive. I finished up the choker and got it listed. Right after that I played some more with the the other design. I ended up yet another small section on the sides of the center motif before thinning it down to the band section and I was pretty happy with the results. Then I decided to make the whole thing even more complex and add some beads to the design. I think it came out pretty fancy. Though I have yet to list it in the shop yet. With all the different cut and tied sections and the fiddly beads along the center it probably takes longer to make that it appears to. It is also the most original small piece I've made in some time. I might find more uses for it, but a choker won't be one of them, it bends like crazy with any head movement because of it's size.

The rest of the weekend was full of disappointments and drama. There was tire repair drama on Saturday morning luckily followed by a fairly relaxing afternoon and evening. Then there was Sunday. Oye, Sunday was a mess. The youngest woke me up sick at a quarter to 4 in the morning and spent much of the day tired with an upset stomach and by the end of the day we could longer deceive ourselves into thinking it was something she ate and have to admit she's actually sick. Which of course means it's only a matter of time for the rest of us. That was accompanied by my mother's house buying drama that puts everyone in the family in standby mode because we were suppose to move her next weekend, but now, maybe not. This was followed by a handful of communications with requests I need to say no to for various reasons. I dislike saying no and I try to be as polite as possible, but I've learned you must say no lest you get stuck doing things you really don't want to do. I still have a couple of those 'no' messages left to send out this morning, but I'm having a lot of trouble wording one of them. Funny any one of them by themselves would have been no big deal, but the combination of many at the same time gave me serious anxiety.

So we start out a fresh week with fear of sickness, confrontation and just a bit of exhaustion. Luckily it's a short school week because it's end of the semester, but I also have a dental appointment for fillings and a bowling field trip at the end of the week, so it's likely going to be a rough one. Time to steel my nerves and get the week started whether I want to or not.

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Vicky said...

Loving the new design! It could turn into a belt or an applique on the center of a ribbon belt, too. :) Hang in there. Here's hoping things start looking up this week!