Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Weekend

I actually had to sit here for a few minutes just to remember what I got up to on Friday and not because my weekend was a fun filled adventure. No, I couldn't remember because it was a blur of little bits of not much that all together actually created a fairly relaxing couple of days.

I finished my careful tatting project on Friday after schooling the kids, so now I just wait patiently for the wheels to spin on that one. Then I decided on the next technique I would attempt to learn, the recently popular interlocking rings. I figured them out pretty quick, but again I didn't have anything to use them for so it will sit in my repertoire for the right design to come along.

Saturday was family errands and crocheting on the now sizable afghan. In fact I think there is probably only a week left to get it to the right size and then that one will be done and one more chair will be stylishly protected from the cat menace. Okay, maybe not stylishly, but I still like the look of an afghan draped on furniture.

Yesterday was another calm, normal day though I did get more disappointing family news. First thing in the morning I got day 6 of the TIAS worked out. It's funny I've been getting emails from handful of needle tatters for hints and help with the TIAS. I didn't think when I decided to play along that I would get to be the teachers assistant too! I'm not being sarcastic either, I really do enjoy teaching and helping folks, so if you've thought about emailing to ask a question and hesitated, don't worry about it. I wouldn't leave my email address in my profile if I was adverse to being contacted. Though I do prefer not to get crazy people emails.

I did have one order I made over the weekend, but I'm starting the week with nothing in queue though there are a few things I've been avoiding that I really ought to get to work on. I probably won't do any of that today, but writing it out over and over again allows me to eventually guilt myself into getting to work. Here's hoping this week is productive, interesting and full of sunshine.

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