Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More To Learn

With the youngest child sick much of the day, don't worry she got much better in the late afternoon, I didn't want to start any big projects. I mean I had time, but I guess when you're watching after someone you want to stay more available to them for caring and cuddling and whatnot. So what did I decide to do with my time in bit sized chunks? First I thought, let's do Jane's TIAS. I'd never done one before though I always watch them proceed, so I read the intro message, saw lock chain and puzzled a bit. I had long discounted that technique as being a shuttle only trick, but thought I'd look about and see if it was possible. In the good old intatters forum archives, there it was, I think Carol sharing the simple how and a minute later I was making one.

I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I went ahead and pulled up the link to the day 1 of the TIAS and knocked that out as well with hand dyed thread from Jess. It's kind of unsettling as a control freak to be making a mystery, but I needed a little change.

I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do with the lock chain at this point. It looked neat with variegated thread and produces a pretty straight line, so I made a star. No, it has no purpose other than to see if I could do it. It's cute though, right.

Then I started thinking that if I learned the lock chain so quickly I'm sure it's time for me to tackle the cluny leaf. It was totally was time. Again the internet provided the step by step for the technique with a quick Google search. To be honest I had seen it before and looked at all the hand loom nonsense involved and moved on without even giving it a chance, but I was determined to get it this time. Five minutes later I have my first leaf. It didn't pull right up to the ring element, but a few more tries and I think I've got that issue beaten. What am I going to do with these new skills I acquired? Probably nothing at this point. I felt the same way when I learned to pearl tat. Sure, it looks kind of cool, but it's just not the most practical technique and I couldn't think of a way to work it into a pattern I would make. I think these two do have a better chance of making into a piece one day though. In fact I think the lock chain may actually solve a few design problems when I feel up to employing it.

Today I have a dental appointment because apparently I can't go a year without acquiring a new cavity. So after schooling I'll do up the day 2 of the TIAS and then I'm not sure. I'll probably stall until that appointment and then spend the rest of the day whining that I can't feel my face. With the youngest feeling better I'm actually feeling better about the week in general though, so maybe I'll get inspired and create.


Vicky said...

Would you mind sharing the links you found for how to do a lock chain & a cluny leaf with needles? I'd love to give it a try! I'm trying Jane's TIAS for the first time, too! Planning to finish day 2 tonight or tomorrow, though I need to look up how to do a split chain first.

TotusMel said...

@Vicky Here's the one for cluny leaves: http://home.netcom.com/~ntrop/cluny/instructneedle.htm
and I found the tip on lock chains in this thread: http://www.intatters.com/archive/index.php/t-4826.html?s=f747f2777e14805d141cc309f07200a6

God's Kid said...

Love the star!!! :)

wonderjunkie said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with these! How do you feel about needle tatted thrown off rings? I have all these wonderful German patterns that use thrown off rings with a shuttle which look terrible when I try to needle tat them. Perhaps they would work with the lock chain...will have to try.

Vicky said...

Thanks for the link, TotusMel!

Wonderjunkie, I've done needle tatted thrown off rings that came out looking great, though I was using two needles. It can be done! :)