Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Normal

Well the children did indeed rise in good spirits yesterday morning bringing us one more step closer to a normal day. We still went ahead and did a light school day since it was the end of the semester and they're both a little ahead in their classes anyway. Once that was wrapped I went to work on a custom ring followed by getting the piece I was working on the day before finished up. I've been tatting so consistently the last couple of days that the base of my thumb is sore.

Since the kids were all healthy again we went to the bowling outing and both me and the husband decided to bowl with the kids...this was not my best idea. The last time I bowled not on a TV screen, I was young enough to get away with rolling the ball granny style. It was a sad display, comical, but mostly sad. I even managed to fall while trying to help the youngest and banged my knee. The bruise will be with me for some time as a reminder of my folly.

When we got home the Universe decided to answer my pleas and sent a slightly relieving phone call from the relative I mentioned yesterday. The stress isn't gone, but it's been taken down a notch. I was also sent another nice sized order that I will need to get made up today. Oh, and I was also made aware that the kids not only have this Friday through Monday off, but also Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I'm not certain that's a good thing, but I can pretend that it means I'll get to relax a bit.

So today starts with day 3 of the TIAS, which reminds me, I got a puzzled question in my email yesterday asking what this nonsense was all about and it occurred to me that unless you read other tatting blogs you are likely completely in the dark, so let me explain. The lovely, talented, and occasionally deliciously snarky Jane Eborall designs a mystery pattern a few times a year and parses it out in small chunks over the course of several days. Those who participate have no idea what they're making, but are asked to share their progress and guess along the way. Jane then shares all those guesses and progress on the Tat it and See blog. I have watched it proceed for a few years, but this is the first time I'm playing along. I figure making something completely out of my wheel house is good practice and it's forcing me to learn techniques that I should have already learned years ago. So now you know and you still have time to try and play along as well.

Back to today though, after I get the TIAS piece done, I've still got two necklaces I need to make and then I was thinking I'd try to use some of my 'time off' to get back to the art project since it needs actual focus, but who knows what I'll actually get up to until it happens. Well, here's to a nice, stress free weekend...I can dream right?

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Jane Eborall said...

Heee, heee - a decent compliment at last - "occasionally deliciously snarky"!!!! Thank you!!!