Friday, January 30, 2015

One Done

Let's see, I finished the novel I was reading early in the morning and ordered book three in the series. It won't be here until Saturday, so I read comic books much of the day. I think I knocked out at least twenty of them in a quest to finish a whole short box full of them. Oh, and yes I did get some tatting done as well.

I decided to avoid the mistakes of the previous day, I would do the ankle corsets one at a time. I did finish one of them and it looks great. Unfortunately, it's a bit bigger than I anticipated. Not too big really, just too big for me to wear properly. I do have really small ankles, so I figure that they'll probably fit other people better than my other ones do. Only problem is, I am my only model currently. I mean, give my oldest daughter a couple more years and she'd be perfect, but not quite yet. So today while I work on this one's twin, I'll also be trying to figure out the best way to wear them so that they photograph well.

If I do finish this, then it will probably be onto the other pieces I mentioned yesterday. A label pin, hair pin, maybe a pendant. Man, I really do hope that these are well received, because this is a lot of effort if they turn out to be unloved. Why am I just now thinking about this? Oh well, the only way out is through.

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