Thursday, January 22, 2015


I sat down after schooling yesterday and I picked up the scrap of lace that is slowly becoming a necklace. My plan was to contemplate the final step and work it up on the side that's already done and then set it aside to work on a final version. That's when I finally saw my mistake. Can you spot it? Yep, the motifs on the new section are facing the wrong way. The photo is actually the backside and the two newest motifs  added to it, including the one at the top of the photo are wrong. This wouldn't have been a problem with the first version of the motif, but these have joins between the larger rings and lock those small ones to one side.

 Even though I had already decided that this was going to be a prototype piece, finding this mistake made me so annoyed with myself that I couldn't concentrate on the new part. All I could see was the mistake and if I kept looking at it, I was going to waste time ripping it apart and starting that whole last section over. So, instead I put it down and decided to distract myself with some knitting and just come back to it tomorrow, which is today, so hopefully I suppress my instinct to destroy and create now that I've better accepted my error.

The knitting went well though and I managed some reading and some catching up on recorded television shows. I'm making another pair of boot cuffs because I have more leftover yarn from the family's glove projects. They make a nice distraction and they knit up fairly quickly so even with getting back to the tatting, I should be able to knit up the second cuff today. I finished the first one while I cooked dinner last night. For some reason this faux cable pattern I found on raverly makes me happy. Sometimes it's the little things.

So here's hoping that today's tatting time is more productive. I suppose that it couldn't be any less productive than getting nothing done, so there's that.

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