Monday, January 12, 2015

One Thing Done got so very lazy over the weekend. Maybe I had pushed myself too much on my first week after vacation. I don't know, but I had the creativity level of a brick. On Friday I did manage to finish the new version of the bracelet. It's a much more manageable size than the original one and thankfully, it looks just about the same on my wrist. Of course I do have to hook further into the lace to make this version fit me, but as I'm sure I've said before, I have twig wrists. It's in the shop now and I named it Floral Mandala because the first motif elicited a comparison to a mandala on twitter when I first posted it.

Other than that achievement on Friday, I did no more tatting over the weekend. I knitted on my newest project, hopefully a nice cowl scarf. I say hopefully, because instead of using a pattern for a cowl, I'm just using a lace stitch and working it in a big round. I get to hope that it will be big enough when I take it off the circular needles because I can't really tell for certain now. I'm just using up the rest of the skein of yarn that I used for my arm warmers/fingerless gloves, so I guess it'll be done when the yarn is gone.

I've also been spending more time reading than I have in quite some time. I just finished War of the Worlds, partly because the oldest child will be reading it in school soon and reading it makes me much more useful to her. Before that I read some free Kindle First book called, The Fire Seekers and now I'm onto a book recommended by a friend called The Darkness that Comes Before. This one has been an infinitely tougher read. It's full of hard to pronounce and harder to remember names. I wasn't certain I was going to get through it at all in the beginning, but a few chapters in, I'm getting comfortable with the rhythm and the plot is beginning to coalesce.

I guess when I write this all out, I think I seem less lazy and more scattered, like I just can't focus on one thing. Well hopefully, the set schedule of the school week will keep me on track to at least try to come up with the next Mandala design. If not at least I know I have plenty of other tasks to keep me busy.


Fox said...

Check out thé book "Station Eleven." I have a feeling you would enjoy it! I loved it. : )

TotusMel said...

Thanks Fox! I put it in my wish list for future reading!