Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little More

I sort of feel like starting out this post with, second verse, same as the first. What I really mean is that yesterday was an awful lot like the day that preceded it. Both kids are reading more in their lessons, so I've had time to read while they do. This has sucked me further into the book I'm reading, so I keep going back to it rather than doing other things. I'm still rather scattered though and managed some knitting and just a bit of tatting as well.

I finished up the main section of the necklace and was gratified that the pieces fit together like I had hoped. I think I'm getting some rough ideas for the connecting pieces, but I haven't put anything into thread yet. Normally I would just work straight on the existing pieces, but I think I might try some prototyping first this time. It'll save me cutting out different versions as I try to get the shape and density right. I guess that's the plan for my tatting time today. I'll try to get a little design work in between my obsessive reading sessions. One small step at a time, I'll turn this into something wearable, I swear.

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