Friday, January 9, 2015

Almost There

I managed to make the morning of schooling seem even longer by ending it with an errand to the post office to mail more work samples. I'd like to feel relieved that it's done, but in just another couple of weeks we'll be scrambling around to collect more and then they'll be testing and other nonsense that fills up the back semester of school. It's about as much fun as it sounds. It's a good thing it's worth it.

I sold a cat ear headband yesterday, so I opted to get another of those made before I started to work on my motif. I thought I would at least get the new bracelet idea made, but I just didn't have enough time. Of course I might have had enough time had I not tatted while reading. It does slow me down, but it's the only time I can read uninterrupted and my brain needs the stimulation.

It might look like it's done in the photo, but  the farther motif is just lying under the center one to show you what it will look like once I get that last motif made and attached. At the very least it will be a bit longer than my last try and it should look the same from the front, so it should make it into the shop...once it's done of course.

So it's finishing this bracelet today and if I'm granted any more free time today or over the weekend, I'll work on the necklace idea. I think I need to develop some more pieces for it before it becomes what I want it too though. Hopefully, I've got some reserve creativity waiting to work that all out. Only time and thread will tell.

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