Monday, January 26, 2015

Nothing New

On Friday I got the custom sized bracelet made for the order I got on Thursday. Then Saturday morning while I was packing up the pieces, I realized that the necklace in the order was also supposed to a different size than the one I had on hand. I'd forgotten that I had made the size an option in the listing since I don't think this particular necklace had ever sold before. So I spent Saturday morning speed tatting the right length so I could get it in the post that day as I had promised. Luckily  had just two more of the clasps I needed on hand. I really am getting dangerously close to absolutely needing to order finding supplies. I'm likely going to continue to put it off until I actually do start cannibalizing older pieces for them, because I am loathe to spend the money right now.

It seems I really have developed a taste for having the weekends off from anything of consequence. The rest of the weekend was fairly tatting free. While I did finally start making the final version of the newest necklace last on Sunday, I only got to the second round on the first motif. Not exactly what I'd call progress. I didn't even read my novel all weekend. I just binge read a couple of comic book titles to catch up a bit. The family went to see a movie and then spent some lazy time watching TV.

This week is going to be a weird one. The kids have only two days of school, but they are days full of tests. Then they're off the rest of the week. I suppose that should give me enough time to get the necklace made, read some more, and even rest a bit. Of course not until after these two days of tests, so yeah, it's going to be a weird week. Here's hoping that it tries to be weird and good.

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