Friday, January 2, 2015

Day One

I tried to start the year out productively at least. I finished my arm warmers first off. Good thing too, it's been getting pretty cold around these parts and they are comfy and warm. Okay, it's not North nor Midwest cold, but cold for central California anyway. Once that was wrapped, I read one of my Christmas gifts, the graphic novel, The Wrenchies. It was definitely an odd way to start the year as it was quite a dense read, but a disturbing way. After that it was tea and tatting.

I got a couple of pieces remade for the shop and then I did the most cliched thing of the day, I cleaned and organized my desk and surrounding area. I'm always surprised that I don't find buried treasure under the pile of receipts I let build up. Then it was back to the couch for a little more tatting. I have plenty of leftover yarn from my knitting project, so I'm also looking out for another back up knitting project. I was quite happy and a little relieved, to receive a couple of orders yesterday in the shop, but it would be foolish of me to assume that things would actually continue to pick up in January. A back up project will definitely be needed and I'm hoping by next week my creativity will have rested enough to start designing a bit again.

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