Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

This is one of those mornings when I should have probably just chosen not to write anything, but then again, you know I can't just not write on a weekday. Why should I have not written, you ask? I clearly have nothing tatting related to relay. I spent a lazy weekend with knitting and reading.

Well, on Friday I did make up a bracelet that had sold in the shop, because I actually wanted to make that bracelet. I did that while I caught up on recorded television shows. Then once that was done I just couldn't be bothered to go back and make the other ankle corset. This is the problem with bigger projects, I get so lazy when I don't have any results for too long. I like projects that can fly off my needle.

The rest of the weekend was family adventuring, reading the last novel in the trilogy that has taken over my brain, and digging through boxes of back comics looking for the complete run of a series so that the oldest daughter could read it. Talk about an archeological expedition, but I did find all but one of the ones I was looking for.

Now we have just today left of our end of semester vacation. Tomorrow it's back to the old routine. I don't really know if I'll manage to kick myself back to work, but I suppose I should get back to it. I just never remember how much I like a bit of a break from everything until I actually get one.

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