Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Designing Again

Everything went pretty much as expected for the first day back to everything normal. The kids complained a bit at their schooling, but not so much that it was difficult to get through it in a reasonable amount of time. Then once I was ready to have a nice sit, I got a tiny bit of inspiration. I was tempted at first to get out some paper and draw it out, but instead went with my usual, 'tat it and hope for the best' method. I did have a couple of false starts before I hit on the formula to create the look I was going for. This was the first bit that worked. It was done in one over crowed round so that I could sit the smaller rings just in front of the larger ones creating a layered look.

I wasn't done yet though. I went onto a second round, though this is usually where I ruin what was interesting about the first round. This time I was uncharacteristically proud of my work. I actually think that the second round enhanced what was interesting and gave it a beautiful shape. I know, I'm not often this complimentary to my own creations, but I really liked it.

I wanted to try a third round, but by this point I was absolutely terrified that I would just ruin it. So I started from the beginning
again so I could see the two different pieces side by side. Surprisingly once I made up a third layer, I was still happy with the results. I'm really hoping it feels new and interesting to other people as well though.

I'm not certain what's next for these. I'm thinking of perhaps joining some 2 and 3 round ones together to create a large statement necklace with maybe a few other elements. Or maybe just two 3 round ones for a doily style bracelet. Whatever I do manage to make, at least I'm designing again and it feel pretty good to be back at it.

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