Thursday, January 1, 2015

Have a Good One

Happy 2015 my friends! While I'm not certain it was the right way to spend the last day of the year, I spent 12 hours glued to the television. We watched all three extended versions of The Lord of the Rings movies. Yes, even the kids sat through them all. I also managed to almost finish the other wrist warmer because that was a hell of a lot of sitting time. I feel like I should stand a lot to make up for it today, but I really have no plans to do so.

I did get one more sale yesterday in the shop using my coupon code that expires today. So this is your last chance to use it as well. It would be wonderful to both end last year and start this one with a sale in my etsy shop. The code is 'YEAREND' and it's good for 25% off any purchase over $10 in my store. I do have a couple of small things to tat up for that order, but they'll have to wait to get mailed until tomorrow since it's a postal holiday. So I guess I have a little knitting, a little tatting and plenty of time to spend with the family on this first day of the year. Here's hoping that it's the start of a good one!

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