Monday, January 5, 2015

Normality Restored

Here we are, back at normality. The kids are back to schooling and the husband is back to work. I anticipate lots of grumbling as the day progresses, but I am quite happy to be back to a schedule. It will hopefully allow me to get me rear in gear and see if I still have a design or two hiding in my brain.

Let's see, weekend recap. There was a little tatting as I've been quite lucky to start the year with a few sales. That gave me a few things that needed tatting. We also managed to watch a few more movies with the kids and they played video games so much I've got player select music suck in my head. We had my sister and her kids over to play for quite a few hours on Saturday as well. She requested a pair of the same fingerless gloves I made for the kids, so that gave me an quick knitting project for the rest of the weekend. I finished it last night though, so still looking for a new one. My hair got freshly dyed and my oldest daughter decided that she was ready to get her ears pierced, so we got that done as well. It was a pretty packed weekend.

The last thing we did was take down Christmas and put the school table back out yesterday afternoon. The children were not happy about this at all, and it was an exhausting task, but it feels so nice to have everything back to normal. Here's to the week and the year ahead continuing to be productive and successful.

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