Wednesday, January 28, 2015

That's Done

Yesterday was a packed school day for the kids, last day of the semester and all that. I seem to remember it always being more of a busy work and movies sort of day, but then again that's one of the biggest differences with the homeschooling. Almost all their work is worth doing and then they have the rest of the day for nonsense. They had a bunch of tests, I read, and after that I got back to work.

Yes, I was again trapped beneath a cat on the couch with a book on my lap, holding my tatting above it all. The best part is, I did get the necklace finished, save for the findings, and pressing it. That was definitely the bulk of my day, so I didn't get around to starting anything else at all.

School is out for the rest of the week for 'administrative days', so today, I have more time to work, theoretically. I need to press and finish this and ensure that it's wearable once that's done. I was checking it while working on the prototype, but since I left that one incomplete, I don't have the final data. Once that's complete, if there's sun, I'll take photos, if not, I'll just move onto the ankle corsets. Of course I'd be glad to be distracted by an order or two. I'm just putting that out there for the Universe. Otherwise I'm sure the ankle corsets won't be even close to finished today. They each will be smaller than the necklace, but the necklace took two full days and there are two of them needed, so it should be a while before they're done. Alright, off to it then. I'm crossing my fingers for a productive day off.

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Lavi Damian-Boja said...

The necklace looks very lovely and elegant. I hope you get lots of orders for it :)