Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I spent another scattered day yesterday. There was more knitting, more reading and yes, there was some more tatting. This new motif of mine is a frustratingly slow to tat piece though. This go around I made a few small modifications to the basic design as well. Originally the rings stacked in layers all by themselves. Okay, so I nudged the small ones in front, but it was a simple process. This time I added a joining picot to lock them in place making it much more fiddly to create. I figure it may be hard to make, but it should make for a sturdier finished product.

This is the backside of the necklace as it's growing. Clearly I still have tons of work left to do and this just represents the large center section. I still haven't even attempted to work out the connecting sections. I feel like I'm going to have to design a few smaller, complimentary motifs for it, but that part hasn't come to me yet. I think allowing myself time to mindlessly knit and time to read and escape into a story should keep me from burning out on what is clearly going to be a longer project than I anticipated. Stretching it out a bit also gives me more small developments to share as they occur, so I don't lapse into the 'nothing to share today' blog posts. I guess it's a win win...as long as it works.

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