Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Schooling yesterday took quite a bit longer than usual as we were trying to get some more work samples put together that forced both kids to do some serious writing. Both of them are creative enough, but lack the desire or confidence to write whatever comes out of their heads, so I have to cajole and encourage through the whole process to keep it moving forward. I assume one day they'll just write whatever comes out like I seem to do everyday. It certainly isn't literature, but it gets my point across.

I did manage to eek out a little time for tatting. I decided to try the bracelet idea and for the first go, I simply attached two of the larger motifs together with a hook on one side. It fit me just fine, but it won't fit a larger wrist at all. The other disadvantage to this version is that the hook has to be on the side of the wrist in order to get the motif centered. It doesn't bother me, but I can imaging it's not the best selling point, so maybe I just made this one for me, or I'll give it away maybe. I think today I'm going to try it with the two smaller motifs on the sides. I'll have to modify them a bit so the size isn't too big, but I think I have it worked out in theory.

After that I really do want to try making it into a bit, noisy necklace. I haven't made anything very large scale since the jellyfish and since only one of those found a home, aside from the two I gifted, it doesn't feel like it was a very successful enterprise. I know I shouldn't judge design success by sales, but it's hard not to. So, I guess that's the plan for today, more playing with the new motif until I can coax it into something useful.

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Claire said...

I lové large tatted bracelet. Nice design!