Thursday, January 15, 2015


I was far more focused on reading yesterday than anything else. I feel I must've gotten to the meat of the story because I find myself reading at really odd times, a page or two here and there along with the more sustained periods throughout the day. The side effect of this is that I'm giving myself very little time to do anything else. I am trying to knit while I read, which is fine on the knit rows, not so much on the pattern rows where I need to pay attention and count. Doesn't mean I'm not still trying to do it though. I feel like I have to keep productive when I'm reading.

I did carve out a few minutes to try out a new bit for the tatted necklace. Honestly, I hate it. Not at all what I was going for in the end. I mean I started out okay, trying to maintain the motif for the new bit, but the shape is ridiculous. I was so frustrated with my utter miscalculation, that I just put it down and picked up my book again. I need to come at it from a new direction, so that's the plan for today. I'll think harder on the shape I'm trying to create and hopefully I won't get too distracted by reading or knitting to actually come up with something useful. I won't put any money on it though.

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