Monday, January 19, 2015


I got to start off this morning one of my least favorite ways, cancelling a large order in my etsy shop because it came from Italy. Oh, how I wish that I etsy had a tool to exclude a single country from purchasing from our shops. I'm certain that I've mentioned this before, but Italy has extremely restrictive customs regulations protecting its native industries. So if Italy is known for making something, you cannot ship that thing made somewhere else into the country, this of course includes lace, but also shoes, hats, leather's madness. Anyway, I occasionally will get an order from someone there who did not read my policies stating I can't ship to Italy, so then I spent twenty minutes, refunding, cancelling and explaining their own country's restrictions. Oh well, there's really nothing for it.

I didn't do much of anything over the weekend. Well I did finish the cowl I was knitting and then I knit up some boot cuffs, because I can no longer not be knitting apparently. Oh, and I did get one thing sussed out on the new tatting project. The little section I was trying to fill between the motifs got filled. I tried so hard to work something up separately from the piece, but in the end I just had to work right on it to find the right flow. I think I know what's coming next on it, but I won't know for sure until I get another motif tatted up and they are not quick little pieces.

It's a school and work holiday in our house, so I'm not sure I'll get round to much tatting. When everyone is home and bored, we tend to go adventuring, but if I get anything at all done, you'll hear about it tomorrow. Here's hoping I get a nice order in the shop today to make up for the one I had to turn away this morning. Either way I should be back to lace making tomorrow.

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