Thursday, January 8, 2015


Schooling continues to suck up more time from the day than it once did. I suppose it makes sense that as the year wears on, the work is harder and takes longer. It doesn't help that the youngest is reading a novel now, so that just simply takes more time to get through. I will simply have to adjust my expectations of available tatting time accordingly.

I got an order in the afternoon, so I used said tatting time to remake the piece that sold rather than play with the new motif even though I have a couple of ideas burning a hole in my brain. I kept getting distracted by things while working though, so I made a big mistake halfway through and had to pull out the scissors. I like to document a few complete failures now and then so I can remind myself that I still have to focus a little while working. I occasionally forget that and the results are often worse than a small piece of snipped up lace. This time I was trying to read two different books and pay attention to whatever nonsense the kids were up to. That's just too much multitasking.

So today's task is to get back to the new motif and try out at least one of those burning ideas. I will try to do so with fewer distractions so I don't have to cut that up as well. I also need to do the year end books for my shop. I may be stalling on that one for a while longer, but just writing down as a reminder is a good first step, right?

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