Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day

No new tatting occurred yesterday, but I did finish one of the arm warmers I've been knitting. I knew they were going to be long ones, but I guess that didn't translate in my mind to them taking so much longer than the other gloves I've knitted up recently. Obviously, you can't see how long they are here, but they are actually elbow length and that's pretty long. I did start on the second one, but I had a few false starts. We were watching movies much of the day and apparently Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are too distracting to properly count.

We've go big plans for tonight, I haven't stayed up for midnight on New Year's Eve for years. I mean the new year will still be there when I wake up tomorrow, so I figure what's the bother. We are going to watch all the Lord of the Rings movies though, because the kids can't remember them. They didn't catch any of the tie over moments from the last Hobbit film. Since that should take up much of the day, I'm sure to get plenty of knitting time in.

I did get one small order overnight, so I have one necklace I can remake as well and since I could use the practice, I'll sneak that in as well. So I guess that's it until next year. I wish you all a good, safe night and here's to a creative and prosperous new year.

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