Thursday, September 11, 2014

In The Shop, I was lazy again yesterday. I really need to get some more sales, or just consistent sales so I'm forced to stay focused and work most of the day like I ought to. I did however, get the new hair piece/fascinator listed in the shop.

I've been getting a we bit frustrated with messages lately as well, and that's not helping my motivation. I've been receiving custom inquiries and random tatting questions and  after I promptly answer, I hear nothing back at all. Not a 'thank you for answering so swiftly', not a 'sorry, never mind' or even a 'let me get back to you'. Just nothing. Sorry to vent, it's just frustrating. I want to help people, but it just feels a bit like a one way street as of late. Oh well, I'm sure it'll pass.

Again I start the day with no tasks aside from schooling on my schedule. Hoping for something new and interesting to happen during the day doesn't seem to be working so I guess I'll try something different and just focus on something else entirely. Now, if I could only think of what that should be.


Madtatter80 said...

Looks fun!

Fox said...

Hmmm. I sympathize. I try to answer questions and help where I can, but I really resent people asking questions that are evident in the body of my tat-ology blog, which they obviously didn't read with any kind of attentiveness. Or, they would not have asked the question!

God's Kid said...

Awesome design!!! :)
All your colorful starflowers are awesome too!!! :)

Unknown said...

i'm an old fart and so i am appalled by the lack of common courtesy these days. take away the courtesy and all that's left is common.