Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Motif Grows

Schooling has been blissfully efficient. They haven't really gotten into any big projects yet, so we're done fairly quickly with very little fuss from the children. This also has me in possession of more free time in the afternoon than I had anticipated when school started, even with things like laundry. I know that it's temporary, so I'm trying to take advantage of it.

I still didn't want to remake the back drop necklace, so I did a little drawing, then I suddenly felt creative again and began to grow the Star Flower motif. At first I was thinking that I would avoid any more woven elements, but once I really got down to it, it wanted to continue the weaving.

I used the ecru and black one to grow with because I had made two, one without a hanging ring. I managed one ecru round and one more black round. The amount of cut thread I had to deal with for these rounds was ridiculous and quite a tangle.

I was initially thinking barefoot sandals, but I've since decided that it is much more likely to become a hair piece/fascinator. It might need one more row though and I am dreading how much cut thread I'll need for that one. I still have some small hat bases from my other fascinator, so I might get it finished today, assuming that the next row turns out alright. I just start tatting and hope that I understand the lace well enough to pick the right stitch counts as I work. So far so good though, so I'll cross my fingers and we'll see what happens today.

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muskaan said...

Lovely pattern & nice colour combo ... Looking forward to the next rounds :-)