Thursday, September 18, 2014

This and That

After schooling much of my day was waiting for Apple devices to update. Of course that does come with it's fair share of sitting about, so I got back to stitching. I did indeed make it to the next stitch in the design. Unfortunately it's the one I'm pretty sure I'm bad at, the satin stitch. My daughter looked over and said, "That one looks much easier than the other one." I proceeded to explain that somehow it's simplicity makes it the easiest for me to screw up most visibly. I still managed to get most of that section done though.

About this time I got a new order from the shop. I didn't hear it come through because apparently the new update to my phone has messed with my notifications. Hopefully that all gets sorted soon, because I do adore that cha-ching sound, but I digress. The order was a piece that I actually wanted to remake, so down the embroidery needle went and out came the tatting one.

I'm still only about halfway through remaking this necklace so that gives me some tatting to do today as well. Then it's back to the stitching. I've become rather determined to prove I can finish this thing even though it's clearly not my strong suit. I can be a wee bit obsessive when I put my mind to it.

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