Tuesday, September 23, 2014


As predicted, there were no tatting tasks for me at all yesterday. After schooling was wrapped, it was
straight to the stitching project. I worked on it on and off all day and I'm still not quite done yet. There is a hell of a lot of twilling on thing. Good thing I find this stitch enjoyable.

I've made so many small mistakes on this kit that it's probably going to look pretty bad when I'm all done with it though. I'll still finish it and turn it into the pillow it's meant to be. Then, when people ask about it, I'll just claim I made it when I was first learning and fail to mention how recently that actually was. They can assume I made it as a kid and I won't correct them. Well either that or I'll just hide it away somewhere. I just want to finish the thing.

Again, no orders in queue and no ideas for new tatted pieces either. That means another day of stitching and I'm hoping that I can finish today, or at least get really close to it. Then I guess I'll get back to using my spare time to make snowflakes for my mother-in-law and continue to cross my fingers for sales.

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