Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Thankfully yesterday's illness hasn't progress past the headache and sore throat, so I was perfectly capable of getting some things done. Schooling did demand the entire morning, but after lunch, I got tatting done. This is the beginning of a custom order necklace. It's going to grow up to be one of my Grand Daisy pieces, but the customer also wanted beads in just the center two daisies, so I added some swarovski crystals. It's amazing how a nice color change and a little sparkle can alter a piece so much.

It's not quite finished yet, it still needs it's hardware and a little pressing, but I should have it out in the mail to the customer today.

Since that was my only project, today will likely be back to stitching again. It really is slow going, at least compared with my speed of tatting. I've spent years getting fast with that needle and it's hard to slow my brain down to the speed of my fingers with this, but at least they're still busy. Here's hoping for more tatting busy, soon.

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God's Kid said...

Fabulous color and I love the design so far!! :)