Friday, September 12, 2014

Something Else

Yep, it's yet another one of those, I got nothing for you days. After schooling we headed off on some Halloween errands. Yes, I'm aware it's barely the middle of September. The children have been contemplating their potential costumes for months though and after some killjoy, reality checks from me, they settled on some. One was ordered and the other required a trip to get large silk roses to make a headpiece. That's what we were off buying. I could have gotten straight to work on making that, but I think I'm still sussing out the details in my head, so something for another day.

After some wandering of the house and searching for long lost things, and the subsequent allergy attack from the dust, I sat down to do some candlewicking.  Why? Well mostly because I had been gifted someone's needlework stash that included cross stitch, embroidery and candlewick kits some time ago and I ran across them while searching for something else. I had nothing better...that I actually wanted to do, so that's what I picked. It's a kit for lilies on a pillow and since I haven't worked any of these stitches since I was taught as a child, it's at least a little challenging. It's also blissfully time consuming. Maybe after I relearn all the stitches, I can get some of the clever embroidery designs I've seen about and make those in my increasingly frequent spare time.

I've nothing better, that I want to do today either, so more stitching instead of knotting is likely. Hoping to take a trip to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this weekend as well, so that should keep us busy and then exhausted.

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