Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I did it again. Or I suppose I didn't do it again. I mean I didn't tat anything at all yesterday. We went on a walk, we shopped for, but didn't buy, a new kitchen faucet, because crap, are those expensive. Then we all headed to the eye doctor where we had appointments. That pretty much finished up the day. Sure we did a lot of sitting about, but I just wasn't motivated to make anything.

I don't have much faith for today either. We have schooling, a Park Day outing, likely followed by more schooling. I think the time of the outing was ill planned if they actually wanted anything accomplished on the first day, but I'm certainly determined to not get behind already. Well that's it then. I'll try to tat if I get time, but it's not a priority, so tomorrow's post will probably be a bore as well. Sorry in advance for that one and sorry for this one as well.

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