Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

I don't think I touched a tatting needle all weekend, but I certainly managed to keep busy with other projects and not just the embroidery. On Saturday I finally put together the headpiece for my oldest daughter's Halloween costume. She decided on a Dia De Los Muertos costume. We're still not sure how she answers the question, "What are you?", but we're still doing it. I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring how to do this with absolutely no technical knowledge on the subject. I used two different kinds of silk flowers, some lace fabric left over from a formal dress my mother made me in high school, a headband, hot glue and lots of wire. It appears surprisingly sturdy.

That wasn't the only costume accessory I put together this weekend either. The other daughter wants to be Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy. The costume I could buy, but she needed rings and I wasn't going to spend money on many rings for a child who wont be able to wear them in a year. So I got some thick, flat, craft wire, some metal files, and I fashioned a half dozen adjustable rings with it. Yep, I was on a Halloween roll, never mind that it's still well over a month away.

All other sitting time I devoted to the embroidery kit. I am on the last stitch and it's my new favorite stitch ever, twilling. It's that stitch in cream at the top of the photo and I still have plenty of it to do before I'm well and truly done. My new least favorite stitch ever, the bullion stitch. It hurt my fingers and even though I got better at it as I went, it still looks nowhere near as good as the example photo. If I never do that one again I'll be pretty happy. Back to the twilling though, I kind of want to do that all over the place.

I'm still without any new orders in the shop, so that just means more stitching today. I'm afraid if sales get any further apart I'm going to forget how to make things. Maybe I'll pick up the tatting needle for a while today just so I don't lose my edge. Or maybe I will get an order and I'll have to pick it up. Here's hoping.

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