Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Again I must say how much I adore my repeat customers. Their support means so much to me and so does their uncanny ability to make requests when I really need the kick in the rear to tat. Yesterday I got another request for the tatted dream catcher earrings with a spider and a got them almost complete. They just need their spiders today and then I can send them off to their new home.

Before that request though I was cross stitching. Speaking of cross stitch, here are the ones I was
talking about over the weekend that got framed.I still don't know where to put them, but they will eventually get a permanent spot on a wall somewhere, because everyday is Halloween when it comes to our home decor.

Back to the other cross stitch though, here's a bit of that one. I'm almost finished with the border, just one color left to finish. I told you it was a simple one. After that color is done, then I need to graph the new saying for the center. The current one is a little cheesy for my tastes. I also plan on adding a few small details to it once that's done that should make it more, 'me'. It should be done sometime this week and hopefully that will be enough wasted time that I will feel compelled to design again.