Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So I was a little lazier yesterday than I had planned. I did get the last row completed on the new motif and it turned out just the right size. I took this photo just as I cut off a length of thread to weave that last row. Someone on the Facebook made a comment that I didn't quite understand, but I'm guessing it was a reference to how this nonsense wouldn't happen if I was a shuttle tatter. Yeah, well...I like my needle too well to ditch it because of one fiddly technique. More importantly I identify as a needle tatter and my skills lie there.

As I was saying, I got the last row done. It did take a couple of false starts to get the right pattern for it, but once I had it, it worked up quickly. The chains on the outside just go over the edge of the hat base, making it just perfect as a hair piece/fascinator. While I did manage to get it sewn to the base. It made it nowhere near getting listed in the shop. I still have to get some good photos on my wigged mannequin head that don't look tacky and then figure out how much it should cost.

There's a slight chance that I'll get it in the shop today, if I can stay focused. Again, I don't really have anything else to do with my day save for schooling in the morning. Here's to something new and interesting for today.


Carolyn said...

Beautiful. I love the twisting and intertwining. I am a complete nitwit with my needle and shuttle tatting. I can make a simple one round motif with either bit the layer on layer-just hurts my head! I so enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing!

Fox said...

Rock on you ridiculously-talented needle tatter!
Fox : ))