Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well our weekend went off in an odd direction. I started Friday by finishing the revision of the new
tatting pattern that will go on sale on Friday the 1st. I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting around to it, but that was the extent of my plan for the day. Then on Saturday morning we went to a plant sale at the college across the street and that kicked off two days of yard work that wasn't strictly planned.

The husband destroyed the weeds that were masquerading as lawn while I planted three trees. Then there was some re-potting of house plants, and one more for outside. Then I had to repair the drip system that hasn't run since last Fall and add the new trees to it. Basically we were outside much of the weekend. The picture is just one of the new trees in the middle. I suppose that's a fine way to celebrate Oestre, you know with the renewal of life, and Spring awakening and all. Oh, and there was chocolate because that's how we roll.

By Sunday evening I could finally sit down and knot for a spell. The progress is slow, I've just now reached 26" across, but I like the pattern that formed with the really small loops. This is starting the first round of basket stitch. I managed to get this round finished and I'm on the second round now. I should get that done today even though we are back to schooling this morning. I have a necklace that needs remaking for the shop as well. I also now need to remind myself to go out and check on the new plants everyday so they make it to that all important 'established' stage. I think I might need a vacation after the last two days of my vacation.

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