Thursday, March 17, 2016

Step 2

I had a nice long day of schooling followed by a nice long day of actually doing what I planned to do. I worked on the sample piece for the pattern's step-by-step photos. I chose pinks because I hadn't done that colorway yet. Of course I haven't sold any of the necklaces yet, so that doesn't really matter. I got all the photos taken, so today's task is to start getting them into the layout for the pattern. This part always takes me a whole lot longer than I wish it would.

 The rest of my day was back to knotting. The doily is
now about 20.75 inches across. That's 66 inches around. It even sounds bigger when I put it into feet, 5.5 feet around. The pattern on the outer edge is definitely coming along, but I will keep at it for a long time I think for a nice wide section.

So pattern writing and more knotting is my day today, along with helping the oldest child put together her work sample portfolio. So there might be far less pattern writing and knotting than usual. It might be a very long day.


Fox said...

I continue to be astounded at your knotting ability and patience! That piece is truly amazing!

SWtrompeter said...

The tablecloth is really lovely. I like the pattern you're doing on the current 'edge.' You have picked up the knotting skill very quickly. You are definitely a very talented woman.